Antonio Acín, Morgan Mitchell & Maciej Lewenstein – Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO)

This review contains the first interdisciplinary discussion of intrinsic randomness of quantum mechanics, viewed from the contemporary point of view of quantum information science. In particular, this work covers recent developments in the area of quantum randomness, which is an extraordinarily interdisciplinary area that belongs not only to physics, but also to philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and technology. For this reasons the article contains three parts that are essentially devoted to different aspects of quantum randomness, and even directed, although not restricted, to various audiences: a philosophical part, a physical part, and a technological part. Also for these reasons the article is written on an elementary level, combining simple and non-technical descriptions with a concise review of more advanced results. In this way readers of various provenances will be able to gain while reading the article.


Bera MN, Acín A, Kus M, Mitchell MW & Lewenstein M 2017, ‘Randomness in quantum mechanics: philosophy, physics and technologyReports on Progress in Physics 80, 124001