Andrea Cerutti

Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques

Life & Medical Sciences

Andrea Cerutti, MD, is an ICREA Research Professor since 2010 and leads the B Cell Biology Group at IMIM, which is a research center located in the PRBB complex. He serves as grant reviewer for the European Research Council and the National Institutes of Health, and as manuscript reviewer for journals such as Science, Nature, Immunity, Nature Immunology, Nature Medicine, Nature Communications, The Journal of Experimental Medicine and The Journal of Immunology. He is a member of The American Society for Clinical Investigation, The American Association of Immmunologists, and The Henry Kunkel Society and serves as Associate Editor of Mucosal Immunology and ImmuneHorizons. He contributed to the organization of the 2014 and 2016 Keystone Symposium meetings, published over 100 research articles in top-ranked immunology journals, and regularly lectures in international meetings as well as American or European universities.

Research interests

The splenic marginal zone and gut mucosa can be viewed as interfaces between the immune system and the circulation or external environment, respectively. My group studies how B cells strategically positioned at these interfaces make antibodies against circulating or intraluminal antigens, including intestinal microbes. We are particularly interested in the mechanism whereby splenic stromal cells or splenic innate immune cells, including neutrophils, dendritic cells, macrophages and innate lymphoid cells, facilitate the activation of splenic marginal zone B cells. We are also analyzing how intestinal B cells generate antibodies to commensal bacteria and how these antibodies shape the composition of the gut microbiota. Finally, we study the alterations of B cells in patients with primary antibody deficiency, including selective IgA deficiency and common variable deficiency. Our research is relevant to infections, inflammation, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency and vaccine development.

Selected publications

- Magri G, Comerma L, Pybus M, Sintes J, Llige D, Segura-Garzon D, Bascones S, Yeste A, Grasset EK, Gutzeit C, Uzzan M, Ramanujam M, van Zelm MC, Albero-Gonzalez R, Vazquez I, Iglesias M, Serrano S, Marquez L, Mercade E, Mehandru S & Cerutti A 2017, 'Human Secretory IgM Emerges from Plasma Cells Clonally Related to Gut Memory B Cells and Targets Highly Diverse Commensals', Immunity, 47, 1, 118.

- Sintes J, Gentile M, Zhang S, Garcia-Carmona Y, Magri G, Cassis L, Segura-Garzon D, Ciociola A, Grasset EK, Bascones S, Comerma L, Pybus M, Llige D, Puga I, Gutzeit C, He B, DuBois W, Crespo M, Pascual J, Mensa A, Arostegui JI, Juan M, Yague J, Serrano S, Lloreta J, Meffre E, Hahne M, Cunningham-Rundles C, Mock BA & Cerutti A 2017, 'mTOR intersects antibody-inducing signals from TACI in marginal zone B cells', Nature Communications, 8, 1462.

- Huang B, Faucette AN, Pawlitz MD, Pei B, Goyert JW, Zhou JZ, El-Hage NG, Deng J, Lin J, Yao F, Dewar RS 3rd, Jassal JS, Sandberg ML, Dai J, Cols M, Shen C, Polin LA, Nichols RA, Jones TB, Bluth MH, Puder KS, Gonik B, Nayak NR, Puscheck E, Wei WZ, Cerutti A, Colonna M & Chen K 2017, 'Interleukin-33-induced expression of PIBF1 by decidual B cells protects against preterm labor', Nature Medicine, vol. 23, no. 1, pp 128-135.