Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Universitat de Barcelona


I have been an ICREA Research Professor in Archaeology at the University of Barcelona since 2012, having moved from Durham Univ. (1996-2011). I am the author of about 250 publications, including 22 authored and edited books. My work has been published by Oxford University Press, Routledge, Cambridge University Press, Springer and Marcial Pons, among other prestigious publishers. Some of my articles have been included in readers and others have been translated into five different languages. I have supervised 9 PhD students through to completion and I am currently supervising 5. I have had 6 post-doctoral students. I have been the PI of many archaeological projects from which many of my publications are the result of and that have provided with grants to many students.  I am a keen supporter of the internationalisation of science. I am currently promoting Catalan archaeologythrough the organisation of the EAA Annual Meeting 2018.

Research interests

In the past few years I have been active, and lead research groups, in the fields of archaeoacoustics (, the history of archaeology (, and heritage ( The focus of my work in archaeoacoustics is to examine the relevance of acoustics as a factor for the production, location and active use of rock art sites and landscapes. In the history of archaeology I have also centred my attention on the connections between archaeology and ideologies such as nationalism, colonialism, class and gender, and dealt with other issues such as academic networks, archaeological tourism and interdisciplinarity. Regarding my work in archaeological heritage, my research has emphasised issues related to World Heritage and UNESCO, the ethics of archaeological tourism, social participation and the impact of migration. In all these areas I am leading groups of academics and students supported by research projects

Selected publications

– Mattioli T, Farina A, Armelloni E, Hameau P & Díaz-Andreu M 2017, ‘Echoing landscapes: echolocation and the placement of rock art in the Central Mediterranean’, Journal of Archaeological Science, 83: 12-25.

Díaz-Andreu M, García Atiénzar G, García Benito C & Mattioli T 2017, ‘Do you hear what I see? Analyzing visibility and audibility through alternative methods in the rock art landscape of the Alicante mountains‘, Journal of Anthropological Research, 73: 181-213.

– Mattioli T & Díaz-Andreu M 2017, ‘Hearing rock art landscapes. A survey of the acoustical perception in the Sierra de San Serván area in Extremadura (Spain).‘, Time and Mind, 10: 81-96.

Díaz-Andreu M 2017, [Special issue] ‘Heritage Values and the Public‘, Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage, 4(1): 1-68.

Díaz-Andreu M & Ruiz A 2017, ‘Interacting with heritage: social inclusion and archaeology in Barcelona’, Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage, 4(1): 53-68.

Díaz-Andreu M 2017, Themed issue ‘Digital Heritage and the Public’, International Journal of Heritage Studies, 23(5): 404-444.

– Díaz-Andreu, M 2017 ‘Introduction to the themed issue Digital Heritage and the Public’, International Journal of Heritage Studies, vol. 23, no. 5, pp. 404-407.

Selected research activities

5 PhD students. 2 foreign research students

PI HAR2016-80271-P, GENCAT 2014/100782 & GAPP research groups. Funded research in Mexico & Belize.

Leading EAA Annual Meeting 2018. Head of the EAA Nomination Committee and vice-president History of Archaeology Commission (IUPPS). Advisory panels & evaluation: COST, Res C. of Lithuania, MEICO, Ikerbasque, AGAUR.

Social impact in journals & radio programmes worldwide of echolocation article.