Miguel A. González Ballester

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Engineering Sciences

Degree in Computer Science from Universitat Jaume I (1996), and doctorate from the University of Oxford (2000). I was a senior researcher at Toshiba Medical Systems (Japan), INRIA (France), and the University of Bern (Switzerland), where I was leading the Surgical Technology Division at the Faculty of Medicine. From 2008 until September 2013 I was in charge of the Research Department of the company Alma IT Systems in Barcelona. In October 2013 I was appointed ICREA Research Professor, and joined the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where I lead the Barcelona Centre for New Medical Technologies (BCN Medtech) and hold the QUAES Foundation Chair. I have approx. 250 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences, and have supervised 18 PhD theses. I was awarded Fellowships from Toshiba and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Research interests

My research focus is on computerised medical image analysis and computer-assisted surgery, including: image processing and computer vision, image-based diagnosis through machine learning, medical imaging physics, computational modelling and simulation of virtual organs and surgical interventions, navigation in computer-assisted surgery, surgical devices and implants, and applied clinical research. In addition to basic research with solid mathematical foundations (notably my work on statistical biomechanical models), all my projects have a marked translational character, focusing on concrete clinical and industrial applications.

Selected publications

- Gil D, Vera S, Borràs A, Andaluz A & González Ballester MA 2017, 'Anatomical medial surfaces with efficient resolution of branches singularities', Medical Image Analysis, vol. 35, pp 390-402

- Mountris K, Bert J, Noailly J, Rodriguez Aguilera A, Valeri A, Pradier O, Schick U, Promayon E, González Ballester MA, Troccaz J & Visvikis D 2017, 'Modeling the impact of prostate edema on LDR brachytherapy: a Monte Carlo dosimetry study based on a 3D biphasic finite element biomechanical model', Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 62, no. 6, pp 2087-2102.

- Zimmer VA, Glocker B, Hahner N, Eixarch E, Sanroma G, Gratacós E, Rueckert D, González Ballester MA & Piella G 2017, 'Learning and combining image neighborhoods using random forests for neonatal brain disease classification', Medical Image Analysis, vol. 42, pp 189-199.

- Gerber N, Reyes M, Barazzetti L, Kjer HM, Vera S, Stauber M, Mistrik P, Ceresa M, Mangado N, Wimmer W, Stark T, Paulsen RR, Weber S, Caversaccio M & González Ballester MA 2017, 'A multiscale imaging and modelling dataset of the human inner ear', Scientific Data, vol. 4, no. 170132.

- Benkarim OM, Sanromà G, Zimmer VA, Muñoz-Moreno E, Hahner N, Eixarch E, Cámara O, González Ballester MA & Piella G 2017, 'Towards the automatic quantification of in utero brain development in 3D structural MRI: a review', Human Brain Mapping, vol. 38, no. 5, pp 2772-2787.

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- Sanroma G, Andrea V, Benkarim OM, Manjón JV, Coupé P, Camara O, Piella G & González Ballester MA 2017, 'Early prediction of Alzheimer's disease with non-local patch-based longitudinal descriptors', Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 10530 (MICCAI Workshop on Patch-Based Techniques in Medical Imaging - MICCAI-PatchMI 2017, Quebec, Canada), pp 74-81.