Meike Köhler

Institut Català de Paleontologia

Life & Medical Sciences

EDUCATION: 1982 - MSc of Sciences (Diplom), University of Hamburg, Germany. 1988 - PhD Vertebrate Paleontology, University of Hamburg, Germany Positions: 2006-current - ICREA Research Professor, Institut Català de Paleontologia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 2013-current - Associated Professor, Dep. Ecology, Univ. Barcelona. 2006-2014 - Associated Professor, Dep. BABVE, Autonomous Univ. Barcelona. 2000-2006 - Researcher at the Institut de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont. Publications: In journals such as: Science, Nature, Trends in Ecology and Evolution (TREE), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), Current Biology, Proceedings Royal Society B, PLOS ONE, Journal of Human Evolution (JHE), American Journal of Physical Anthropology (AJPA), Brain Behavior and Evolution (BBE), etc.

Research interests

Paleobiology, Evolutionary Biology, I am especially interested in: - Life history evolution - Evolution of body size - Trends and rules in evolution - Insularity and evolution in resource-limited environments - Evolution of brain and nervous system - Functional morphology and biomechanics.

Selected publications

- Nacarino-Meneses C, Jordana X, Orlandi-Oliveras G & Köhler M 2017, 'Reconstructing molar growth from enamel histology in extant and extinct Equus', Scientific Reports, 7, 15965.

- McNab BK & Köhler M 2017, 'The difficulty with correlations: Energy expenditure and brain mass in bats', Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology A-molecular & Integrative Physiology, 212, 9 - 14.

- Cubo J, de Buffrénil V & Köhler M 2017, 'Bone histology of Iberosuchus macrodon (Sebecosuchia, Crocodylomorpha)'. Lethaia, 50, 4, 495 - 503.

- Nacarino Meneses C, Orlandi Oliveras G & Köhler M 2017, 'Bone histology of Equus from Steinheim an der Murr (Middle Pleistocene, Germany)', 4th Intern. Symposium Paleohistology, p 73, Trenton, NJ State Museum, USA.

- Nacarino-Meneses C, Orlandi-Oliveras G & Köhler M 2017, 'Bone Histology of Equus from Mosbach Sands (Middle Pleistocene, Germany)', Zitteliana 91: p 65.

- Orlandi Oliveras G, Nacarino Meneses C, Kostopoulos DS, Koufos GD & Köhler M 2017, 'CYCLICAL ENAMEL MARKS OF UNKNOWN PERIODICITY IN EQUIDAE', Proceedings 4th Intern. Symp. Paleohistology, p 74, Trenton, NJ State Museum, USA.

Selected research activities

Master interuniversitari UAB / UB: Paleobiology and Fossil Record.