Frank Koppens

Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Prof. Frank Koppens obtained his PhD in experimental physics at Delft University, at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, The Netherlands.  After a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, since August 2010, Koppens is a group leader at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). He has received the Christiaan Hugyensprijs 2012, the Premis Nacional de Reserca, the IUPAP young scientist prize in optics, and Five ERC awards (Starting grant, Consolidator grant and three proof-of-concept grants). Prof. Koppens is leader of the optoelectronics workpackage of the graphene flagship (1B€  project for 10 years). Since Dec. 2015, Koppens is ICREA professor. In total, Koppens has published more than 65 refereed papers (H-index 41), with more than 13.000 citations.

Research interests

The quantum nano-optoelectronic group, led by Prof. Koppens, studies the nanophotonic and opto-electronic properties of novel two-dimensional materials (e.g. graphene), heterostructures and devices. Also novel quantum and topological materials and their interactions with light at the nano-scale are being studied. We aim to visualize topological phase transitions and visualize novel collective modes.

Several unique and novel techniques are exploited to confine light to nano-meter lengths scales and study physical processes at ultra-fast timescales. For example, we use near-field imaging techniques for infrared and THz light, and exploit ultra-fast lasers at low temperatures.

In addition to the new science and physics, the group develops new concepts for photo-detection, imaging systems, optical modulation, nano-scale light processing and switching, as well as flexible and wearable health and fitness devices. We aim to build prototypes of these disruptive technologies, in collaboration with industry. The group works closely with the Graphene Flagship program, the largest European initiative with 1 Billion Euro funding for ten years.

Selected publications

– Woessner A, Gao Y, Torre I, Lundeberg MB, Tan C, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Hillenbrand R, Hone J, Polini M & Koppens FHL 2017, ‘Electrical 2 pi phase control of infrared light in a 350-nm footprint using graphene plasmons’, Nature Photonics, 11, 7, 421.

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– Low T, Chaves A, Caldwell JD, Kumar A, Fang NX, Avouris P, Heinz TF, Guinea F, Martin-Moreno L & Koppens FHL 2017, ‘Polaritons in layered two-dimensional materials’, Nature Mater., 16(2):182-194.

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