Núria López-Bigas

Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona

Life & Medical Sciences

Núria López-Bigas has a PhD in Biology from the University of Barcelona and has expertise in Medical Genetics and in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. During her PhD work, she studied the molecular causes of hereditary deafness at the group of Xavier Estivill. Next she moved to the European Bioinformatics Institute in Hinxton (Cambridge, UK) to work on Computational Genomics at the group of Christos A. Ouzounis and then at the Center for Regulatory Genomics (Barcelona) at the group of Roderic Guigó. Núria joined the Pompeu Fabra University in April 2006 with a Ramón y Cajal Position, was appointed ICREA Research Professor in October 2011 and her lab moved to Institute for Research in Biomedicine in November 2016. She leads the Biomedical Genomics Research Group (http://bbglab.irbbarcelona.org). In 2015 she was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant.

Research interests

Núria López-Bigas research is focused on the study of cancer from a genomics perspective. She is particularly interested in the identification of cancer driver mutations, genes and pathways across tumor types and in the study of their targeted opportunities. Among the most important achievements obtained by Lopez-Bigas' lab are the development of pioneer methods to identify driver genes (Oncodrive methods), the creation of IntOGen (http://www.intogen.org), a discovery tool for cancer research, the obtention of a landscape of driver events and their therapeutic opportunities across close to 7000 tumours of 28 different cancer types (Rubio-Perez et al, 2015), the discovery that protein-bound DNA impairs nucleotide excision repair (Radhakrishnan et al., 2016) and the finding that exons have reduced mutation rate due to differential mismatch repair (Frigola et al., 2017).

Selected publications

- Hayward NK, Wilmott JS, Waddell N, Johansson PA, Field MA, Nones K, PatchA-M, Kakavand H, Alexandrov LB, Burke H, Jakrot V, Kazakoff S, Holmes O, Leonard C, Sabarinathan R, Mularoni L, Wood S, Xu Q, Waddell N, Tembe V, Pupo GM, De Paoli-Iseppi R, Vilain RE, Shang P, Lau LMS, Dagg RA, Schramm S-J, Pritchard A, Dutton-Regester K, Newell F, Fitzgerald A, Shang CA, Grimmond SM, Pickett HA, Yang JY, Stretch JR, Behren A, Kefford RF, Hersey P, Long GV, Cebon J, Shackleton M, Spillane AJ, Saw RPM, Lopez-Bigas N, Pearson JV, Thompson JF, Scolyer RA & Mann GJ 2017, 'Whole-genome landscapes of major melanoma subtypes', Nature, 545, 7653, 175.

- Vidal E, Sayols S, Moran S, Guillaumet-Adkins A, Schroeder MP, Royo R, Orozco M, Gut M, Gut I, Lopez-Bigas N, Heyn H & Esteller M 2017, 'A DNA methylation map of human cancer at single base-pair resolution', Oncogene, 36, 40, 5648 - 5657.

- Frigola J, Sabarinathan R, Mularoni L, Muiños F, Gonzalez-Perez A & López-Bigas N 2017, 'Reduced mutation rate in exons due to differential mismatch repair', Nature Genetics, 49, 1684–1692

Selected research activities

Elected Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

Chair of ICREA-FIJC Conference, Across tumor heterogeneity and evolution in cancer: from in silico studies to clinical impact, talk: “Cancer drivers and their therapeutic opportunities”, 6-7 March 2017, Barcelona (Spain)

Keynote BC2: Basel Computational Biology Conference,13 Sep, 2017 Basel (Switzerland)

Invited Speaker: AACR Annual meeting 2017, “Coding and non-coding cancer variants interpretation”, 1-5 April 2017, Washington (USA)

Organizer educational session: AACR Annual meeting 2017, 1-5 April 2017, Washington (USA)