Andreas Meyerhans

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Life & Medical Sciences

University Education

- 1987 PhD in Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany.
- 1982 Diploma in Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Professional Positions

- Since 2010 ICREA Research Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.
- 1998-2009 Full Professor, Saarland University, Germany.
- 1990-1998 Assistant Professor, University of Freiburg, Germany.
- 1988-1990 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France.
- 1987-1988 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute Biotechnological Research, Braunschweig, Germany.

Research interests

Infections with non-cytopathic viruses usually have 2 different outcomes. They may be eliminated by host immune responses (acute infections) or they may persist lifelong (persistent infections). Medically important examples are the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), the Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) that in adults usually follow an acute (HBV), a persistent (HIV) or an either acute or persistent (HCV) infection course. My laboratory is interested (i) to understand the factors that regulate the decision between an acute versus a persistent infection course, (ii) to define the factors that control the dynamic balance of virus expansion and immune control in persistent infections, (iii) to generate quantitative descriptions of the virus/immune system dynamics by mathematical modeling, and (iv) to identify small chemical compounds with broad-spectrum antiviral activities.

Selected publications

- Chen HC, Martinez JP, Zorita E, Meyerhans A & Filion GJ 2017, 'Position effects influence HIV latency reversal', Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 24(1):47-54.

- Fleta-Soriano E, Smutna K, Martinez JP, Lorca Oro C, Sadiq SK, Mirambeau G, Lopez-Iglesias C, Bosch M, Pol A, Bronstrup M, Diez J & Meyerhans A 2017, 'The Myxobacterial Metabolite Soraphen A Inhibits HIV-1 by Reducing Virus Production and Altering Virion Composition', Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy, 61, 8, e00739-17.

- Koutsoudakis G, Paris de Leon A, Herrera C, Dorner M, Perez-Vilaro G, Lyonnais S, Grijalvo S, Eritja R, Meyerhans A,  Mirambeau G & Diez J 2017, 'Oligonucleotide-Lipid Conjugates Forming G-Quadruplex Structures Are Potent and Pangenotypic Hepatitis C Virus Entry Inhibitors In Vitro and Ex Vivo', Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy, 61, 5, e02354-16.

- Bouchnita A, Bocharov G, Meyerhans A & Volpert V 2017, 'Towards a Multiscale Model of Acute HIV Infection', Computation, 5, 6.

- Bouchnita A, Bocharov G, Meyerhans A & Volpert V 2017, 'Hybrid approach to model the spatial regulation of T cell responses', Bmc Immunology, 18, 29.

- Neubauer JC, Sébastien I, Germann A, Müller SC, Meyerhans A, von Briesen H & Zimmermann H 2017, 'Towards Standardized Automated Immunomonitoring: an Automated ELISpot Assay for Safe and Parallelized Functionality Analysis of Immune Cells', Cytotechnology, 69(1): 57–73.

Selected research activities

(1) June-September 2017: Visiting Professor at Department of Chemical and Systems Biology (Professor James Ferrell), Stanford University, USA

(2) Finalising a book entitled "Mathematical Immunology of Virus Infections" by Gennady Bocharov, Vitaly Volpert, Burkhard Ludewig, Andreas Meyerhans. Springer/Nature, to appear (ISBN 978-3-319-72316-7).