Kilian Muñiz

Institut Català d'Investigació Química

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Kilian Muñiz is an ICREA Research Professor at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), in Tarragona. He was born in 1970 in Hildesheim, Germany. From 1990 to 1996 he studied Chemistry at the Universities of Hannover (Germany), Oviedo (Spain) and Imperial College London (UK), and in 1996 he graduated with a Diploma in Chemistry from Hannover University. From 1996 to 1998 he worked in the group of Prof. Carsten Bolm at the RWTH Aachen (Germany) to obtain his PhD in Organic Chemistry. In 1999/2000 he carried out research as a postdoctoral associate with Prof. Ryoji Noyori at Nagoya University (Japan). He started his independent research in 2001 at Bonn University (Germany) as a Liebig fellow and defended his Habilitation Thesis in 2005. The same year he moved to the University of Strasbourg as an Associate Professor. He was promoted to Full Professor in 2006. In November 2009 he moved to Spain and joined ICIQ as Group Leader. He has been with ICREA since 2010.

Research interests

Our research deals with the discovery of novel chemical transformations to provide direct access to nitrogen containing molecules, which are key players in a variety of compounds of biological, medicinal and pharmaceutical interest. Recently, the group has started to devise entirely new oxidative amination reactions based on transformations that do not require any metal promoters. To this end, defined monomeric hypervalent iodine reagents in the unusual iodine oxidation state of +III incorporating unprecedented iodine-nitrogen bonds were developed. These serve as versatile tools in a variety of novel amination reactions comprising all common hydrocarbon entities. An enantioselective version has already found application in the synthesis of relevant pharmaceuticals. This chemistry is continuously expanded to other iodine catalyses in order to generate effective conceptual tools for advanced oxidation at different stages of chemical synthesis.

Selected publications

- Muñiz K, Barreiro L, Romero RM & Martínez C 2017, 'Catalytic Asymmetric Diamination of Styrenes', J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 4354-4357

- Becker P, Duhamel T, Stein CJ, Reiher M & Muñiz K 2017, 'Cooperative Light-Activated Iodine and Photoredox Catalysis for the Amination of C-sp3-H Bonds', Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, 56, 27, 8004 - 8008.

- Becker P, Duhamel T, Stein CJ, Reiher M & Muñiz K 2017, 'Kooperative Licht-aktivierte Iod- und Photoredox-Katalyse zur Aminierung von Csp3-H Bindungen', Angewandte Chemie, 129, 27, 8117 - 8121.

- Zhang H & Muñiz K 2017, 'Selective Piperidine Synthesis Exploiting Iodine-Catalyzed C-sp(3)-H Amination under Visible Light', ACS Catalysis, 7, 6, 4122 - 4125.

- Aertker K, Rama RJ, Opalach J & Muñiz K 2017, 'Vicinal Difunctionalization of Alkenes under Iodine(III) Catalysis involving Lewis Base Adducts', Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 359, 8, 1290 - 1294.

- Muniz K, Garcia B, Martinez C & Piccinelli A 2017, 'Dioxoiodane Compounds as Versatile Sources for Iodine(I) Chemistry', Chemistry-a European Journal, 23, 7, 1539 - 1545.

Selected research activities

Thieme SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award for 2016

Main Organizer of the Spanish-Japanese Symposium on Modern Synthetic Methodology, Gijón, 24-26 April 2017

Main Organizer of the Spanish-German Symposium on Frontiers in Chemistry, Tarragona, 25-27 September 2017

Main Organizer of the Organic Symposium at the Spanish Royal Society Chemistry (RSEQ) Meeting, Sitges, 27-29 June 2017

Co-Organizer of the Barluenga Lectureship, Oviedo, 9-10 November 2017

Co-Organizer of the ICIQ Summer School 2017

Guest Editor for Special Issue on Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry in the Journal of Organic Chemistry

International Advisory Board Member, Journal of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Record

Planary, Keynote and Invited Lectures at international conferences and research institutions

Mentor of three successful PhD defenses in 2017

Teacher in the ICIQ-URV Master Programme