Sergei Odintsov

Institut de Ciències de l'Espai

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

ICREA Research Professor at ICE (CSIC-IEEC) since 2003. He wrote about 500  journal articles, with more than 34000 citations. Three ms written while in ICREA were cited more than 1000 times, 2 books and 6 articles-more than 500 times. Foreign Member of the Royal Norwegian Academy, member of European Phys. Soc. and Italian Grav. Soc.  Awarded by Amaldi Gold Medal: European Prize for Gravitational Physics 2014. Editorial Board Member of six journals and referee of about 20 journals (with  excellence certificates from PLB, EPL, PRD). Hirsh index h=92(Google Scholar) and h=86(inspirehep). Supervisor of 12 PhDs. Speaker/lecturer/participant of about 120 conf. and  Org. Comm.member/organizer of about 40 int. workshops. Top Cited Thomson-Reuters Researcher in 2014, 2015,2016,2017,Web.of Science 2017 Award. Awarded by several short-term JSPS fellowships to conduct research at KMI, Nagoya Univ.

Research interests

I develop the theory which should describe our universe history. My main purpose is to formulate the consistent alternative to Einstein gravity in order to resolve the fundamental puzzle of modern cosmology: why and how the universe accelerates? In fact, I proposed the first modified gravity which may describe the unification of the early-time inflation (including singular one) and late-time acceleration. We also proposed a bouncing universe in modified gravity as scenario that is alternative to the inflation. The alternative gravity we develop should describe the whole sequence of the universe eras: inflation, radiation-matter dominance and dark energy era with consistent transitions from one era to other era. The study of current universe should clarify its future: if it will expand eternally or if its evolution will be finished in the future singularity (actually much before via the disintegration of bound objects). 

Selected publications

- S.D. Odintsov and V.K. Oikonomou, ´Inflationary dynamics with a smooth slow-roll to constant-roll era transition´,JCAP 1704(2017) 041

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Ghost-free F(R) gravity with Lagrange multiplier constraint', Phys Lett B, 775,44-49

- Nojiri S & Odintsov SD 2017, 'Regular multi-horizon black holes in modified gravity with non-linear electrodynamics', Phys. Rev. D 96:104008

- Nojiri S, Odintsov  SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Constant-roll inflation in F(R) gravity', Class.Quant.Grav. 34 p.245012

- Addazi A, Nojiri S & Odintsov SD 2017, 'Evaporation and anti-evaporation instability of a Schwarshchidl-deSitter braneworld: The case of five-dimensional F(R) gravity', Physical Review D95,124020

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Autonomous dynamical system approach for F(R) gravity', Physical Review D, 96:104049

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Early-time cosmology with stiff era from modified gravity', Physical Review D96(2017)104059

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Inflation with a smooth constant-roll to constant-roll era transition', Physical Review D96,024029

- Nojiri S & Odintsov SD 2017, 'Covariant generalized holographic dark energy and accelerating universe', Eur. Phys. J. C 77. 528.

- Odintsov SD, Saez-Gomez D & Sharov GS 2017, 'Is exponential gravity a viable description for the whole cosmological history?', Eur Phys J C 77.862

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2017, 'Modified Gravity Theories on a Nutshell:Inflation, Bounce and Late-time Evolution', Physics Reports 692, p.1-104

Selected research activities

  • Int.conf. on High-Energy Physics, Kuala-Lumpur, Feb;
  • Gravitation and Cosmology, Rhodes, July;
  • Geometric Foundations of Gravity, Tartu, Aug.;
  • Inv. speaker at Quantum Vacuum and Cosmology, Segovia, Sept.;
  • Modern Physics of Compact Stars, Erevan, Sept.;
  • Symmetry, Barcelona, Oct.;
  • Petrov Winter School, Kazan, December.