César R. Ranero

Institut de Ciències del Mar

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

My Dr. degree was awarded (1993) by Barcelona University for work at the Earth Sciences Institute (CSIC). After a postdoc (93-99) and tenure  (2000) at GEOMAR, I joined ICREA in 2005 to work at the Marine Sciences Institute (CSIC). I have published  >100 articles with >3400 citations and h-index = 37. I have written several book chapters and ~20 non SCI papers. I have >400 contributions to international congresses and delivered >40 invited talks and seminars at European/American universities, research centers, and congresses/workshops. I have been organizer, convener, or program committee member of >30 international scientific meetings. I have been PI or CO-PI of over a dozen projects that included ship cruises. I have supervised the work of more than 20 graduated and postdoctoral researchers. Since 2007 I coordinate the Barcelona Center for Subsurface Imaging (http://www.barcelona-csi.cmima.csic.es) with 20-25 scientists.

Research interests

My research interest is focused on the study of the structure of the lithosphere to understand geological processes at subduction zones, rifted continental margins and oceanic spreading centers.  I primarily work on the analysis, processing, and imaging of seismic data using modern techniques like pre-stack depth migration, and both travel-time and full-waveform inversions. I integrate seismic images and other geophysical observations with geological data to study the tectonic and magmatic processes that lead to the formation of oceanic lithosphere at spreading centers and the rift architecture of continental margins. I also study tectonic processes at convergent plate boundaries, where my interest has been centered on the relations between long-term tectonics and fluids in the incoming oceanic and overriding plates. I am particularly interested on the processes that govern the generation of earthquakes at subduction zones.

Selected publications

- Gutscher M-A, Kopp H, Krastel S, Bohrmann G, Garlan T, Zaragosi S, Klaucke I, Wintersteller P, Loubrieug B, Le Faou Y, San Pedro L, Dominguez S, Rovere M, Mercier de Lepinay B, Ranero C & Sallares V 2017, 'Active tectonics of the Calabrian subduction revealed by new multi-beam bathymetric data and high-resolution seismic profiles in the Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean)', Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 461, 61 - 72.

- Silva S, Terrinha P, Matias L, Duarte JC, Roque C, Ranero CR, Geissler WH & Zitellini N 2017, 'Micro-seismicity in the Gulf of Cadiz: Is there a link between micro-seismicity, high magnitude earthquakes and active faults?', Tectonophysics, 717, 226 - 241.

- Buffett GG, Krahmann G, Klaeschen D, Schroeder K, Sallares V, Papenberg C, Ranero CR & Zitellini N 2017, 'Seismic Oceanography in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Thermohaline Staircases, Eddies, and Internal Waves', Journal Of Geophysical Research-oceans, 122, 11, 8503 - 8523.

- Dagnino D, Sallarès V & Ranero CR 2017, 'Waveform-Preserving Processing Flow of Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data for Adjoint-State Full-Waveform Inversion of Ocean Thermohaline Structure', IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing​, Volume: PP, Issue: 99 Pages: 1 - 11.

- Cameselle AL et al. 2017, 'The continent-ocean transition on the northwestern South China Sea', Basin Res., 29, FEB, 73 - 95.