Luciano Di Croce

Centre de Regulació Genòmica

Life & Medical Sciences

1996 PhD Dept. Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Rome, Italy.
1996-2000 Postdoctoral work at the University of Marburg, Germany.
2000-2002 Senior Investigator at the European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.
2003 Group Leader at the Centre de Regulació Genòmica (CRG), Barcelona, Spain. Research Professor, Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA).
2013 Elected EMBO Member.

Luciano Di Croce is the coordinator of a new Marie Curie ITN project entitled “Chromatin architecture and Design – ChromDesign” (GA 813327) granted by the European Commission’s H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018 program.

Research interests

Epigenetic changes, such as histone modifications and DNA methylation, are common alterations in cancer cells. Our laboratory is addressing the molecular basis of epigenetic alterations during the early phase of the tumorigenesis process. The expression of onco-proteins in hematopoietic precursor cells provides a unique model system to follow the molecular step from a normal to a transformed cell on the level of gene transcription, nuclear structure and chromatin. More recently, Di Croce lab is interested in understanding how variations in the assembly of the Polycomb complexes occur and influence mES cell differentiation and animal development.

Selected publications

– Mas G, Blanco E, Ballaré C, Sansó M, Spill YG, Hu D, Aoi Y, Le Dily F, Shilatifard A, Marti-Renom M, and Di Croce L 2018, ‘Promoter bivalency favors an open chromatin architecture in embryonic stem cells’, Nature Genetics, 50, 10, 1452-1462.

– Conway E, Jerman E, Healy E, Ito S, Holoch D, Deevy O, Di Croce L, Margueron R, Cagney G, Koseki H & Bracken AP 2018, ‘A Family of Vertebrate-Specific Polycombs Encoded by the LCOR/LCORL Genes Balance PRC2 Subtype Activities’, Molecular Cell, 70, 3, 408-421.

– Pascual-Reguant L, Blanco E, Galan S, Le Dily F, Cuartero Y, Serra-Bardenys G, Di Carlo V, Iturbide A, Cebrià-Costa JP, Nonell L, de Herreros AG, Di Croce L, Marti-Renom MA & Peiró S 2018, ‘Lamin B1 mapping reveals the existence of dynamic and functional euchromatin lamin B1 domains‘, Nat Commun. 9(1):3420.

Selected research activities

Organizer of several international conferences, including for 2018 Epigenetics: from mechanisms to disease, Cancun (Mexico)

Since 2015: co-organizer of the “The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology” (BIST) Master school

Since 2014, co-organizer of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories Summer course on “Chromatin, Epigenetics and Transcription

Since 2012 Chair of the Graduate Programme at CRG

ERC Panel Member for 2016-2022

Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Panel Member for 2018-2020

Since 2018 Expert for the Italian Ministry of Health (field of Biomedicine)

EMBO Member (since 2013)