Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Universitat de Barcelona


I have been an ICREA Research Professor in Archaeology at the University of Barcelona since 2012, having moved from Durham Univ. (1996-2011). I am the author of about 250 publications, including 22 authored and edited books. My work has been published by OUP, Routledge, CUP, Cotsen Institute (UCLA), Springer and Marcial Pons, among other prestigious publishers. Some of my articles have been included in readers and others have been translated into five different languages. I have supervised 10 PhD students through to completion and I am currently supervising 6 others. Of a total of 18 PhD students, I am now supervising 6 of them. In 2018 I was the main organiser of the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting 2018 which attracted 3000 archaeologists to Barcelona and great media attention. My ERC Artsoundcapes project started in October 2018

Research interests

The three main research areas in which I have been active and led research groups in the last few years are still in place: archaeoacoustics (ERC Artsoundscapes project, Palarq project), the history of archaeology ( and heritage ( For my work in archaeoacoustics I undertook fieldwork in Baja California (Mexico) in Spring 2018. In this year in the history of archaeology the high point has been the publication of an article on the relationship between imperialism and archaeology (Cotsen Institute Press, UCLA) and the organisation of sessions on Interdisciplinarity in the history of archaeology at two international conferences. An article in Routledge about archaeological heritage and migration highlights the role archaeological heritage can play in social cohesion. In all these areas I am leading groups of academics and students supported by research projects.

Selected publications

Díaz-Andreu M 2018, ‘Archaeological heritage and migration – well-being, place, citizenship and the social‘, In Holtorf, C. et al. (eds.), Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations. London, Routledge: 178-194.

Díaz-Andreu M 2018, ‘Archaeology and Imperialism: From Nineteenth-Century New Imperialism to Twentieth-Century Decolonization’, In Effros, B. and Lai, G. (eds.), Unmasking Ideology in Imperial and Colonial Archaeology: Vocabulary, Symbols, and Legacy.  Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives 8. Los Angeles, UCLA, Cotsen Institute Press: 28-64.

Díaz-Andreu M 2018, REVIEW – ‘Archaeologists in Print: Publishing for the People’, by Amara Thornton. Times Higher Education September 6, 2018.

Díaz-Andreu M 2018, Una vita in un giorno, Intervista al prof. Emmanuel Anati. Capo di Ponte, Atelier.

Díaz-Andreu M 2018. ‘Prólogo’, In Hernández Godoy ST (ed.) La arqueología cubana: génesis y desarrollo (1847-1940). Matanzas, Ediciones Matanzas: 11-14.

Selected research activities

  • Keynote speaker – Symposium ‘Future Archaeologies: the Legacy of Reuvens’, 10 October 2018
  • Invited papers at conferences at UK, France
  • Invited talks in Madrid, currently 6 PhD students. 4 post-docs.
  • PI HAR2016-80271-P, GENCAT 2018 & GAPP research groups. Funded research in Mexico.
  • Leading EAA Annual Meeting 2018. Head of the EAA 2018 Nomination Committee, Scientific Committee EAA 2019
  • Vice-president of the UISPP History of Archaeology Commission
  • Advisory panels & evaluation: COST, AEI, Ikerbasque, AGAUR.
  • Social impact in journals & radio programmes EAA 2018 and Artsoundscapes