F. Javier García de Abajo

Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

Engineering Sciences

Javier García de Abajo obtained his PhD in condensed matter theory from the University of the Basque Country (Spain) in 1993. After spending three years in Berkeley National Lab., he became staff scientist at CSIC (Spain) and he was promoted to Research Professor in 2008. He is currently leading the Nanophotonics Theory group at ICFO. He has worked in atomic collisions, surface science, electron microscope spectroscopies, plasmonics, and theoretical nanophotonics. He has coauthored 350+ papers that have accumulated 24,000+ citations and a h index of 76 (WoK, Jan. 2019). He is a Fellow of both the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.

Research interests

Javier García de Abajo’s research program on the theory of nanoscale photonics ranges from optical characterization with electron-microscope spectroscopies to studies of ultrasensitive single-molecule detection, quantum aspects of light-matter interaction, excitation and characterization of plasmons by electron beams, plasmonic metamaterials, quantum friction, radiative transfer and coherent control, and graphene plasmonics. These topics cover a broad spectrum of research in nanophotonics. This theoretical effort encompasses classical and quantum methods, both analytical and numerical, which are the basis to understand and propose new phenomena with application to biosensing, optoelectronics, and nonlinear optics.

Selected publications

– Yu R, Guo Q, Xia F & Garcia de Abajo FJ 2018, ‘Photothermal Engineering of Graphene Plasmons‘, Physical Review Letters, 121, 5, 057404.

– Mkhitaryan V, Meng L, Marini A & Garcia de Abajo FJ 2018, ‘Lasing and Amplification from Two-Dimensional Atom Arrays‘, Physical Review Letters, 121, 16, 163602.

– Cox JD & & García de Abajo FJ 2018, ‘Nonlinear atom-plasmon interactions enabled by nanostructured graphene‘, Physical Review Letters 121, 257403.

– Guo Q, Yu R, Li C, Yuan S, Deng B, Garcia de Abajo FJ & Xia F 2018, ‘Efficient electrical detection of mid-infrared graphene plasmons at room temperature‘, Nature Materials, 17, 11, 986 – 992.

– Vanacore GM, Madan I, Berruto G, Wang K, Pomarico E, Lamb RJ, McGrouther D, Kaminer I, Barwick B, Garcia de Abajo FJ & Carbone F 2018, ‘Attosecond coherent control of free-electron wave functions using semi-infinite light fields‘, Nature Communications, 9, 2694.

– Cox JD & Garcia de Abajo FJ 2018, ‘Transient nonlinear plasmonics in nanostructured graphene‘, Optica, 5, 4, 429 – 433.

– Baudisch M, Marini A, Cox JD, Zhu T, Silva F, Teichmann S, Massicotte M, Koppens FHL, Levitov LS, García de Abajo FJBiegert J 2018, ‘Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of Dirac fermions in graphene‘, Nature Communications,  vol. 9, p. 1018

Selected research activities

Javier García de Abajo has given 17 invited talks at international conferences during 2018, including 3 plenary talks and 4 keynote talks.