Aitor Mugarza

Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia

Engineering Sciences

Aitor Mugarza graduated and obtained his PhD in Physics both at the University of Basque Country. After his doctoral studies, he was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship to work as a postdoctoral scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in USA, and at the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB). In 2007 he joined what used to be the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (now the ICN2) with a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship, becoming group leader of the ICN2 Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy Group in 2013. He is author of 60+ articles, and of 45+ invited talks at international conferences, universities and schools. His research activity is based on the investigation of quantum properties of matter on the nanoscale, and developing strategies to manipulate them with atomic precision.

Research interests

The research interests of Aitor Mugarza focus on the atomic-scale engineering of the quantum properties of novel nanomaterials. At the nanoscale, the properties of materials are dominated by quantum effects and interfacial phenomena, which impose strong limitations on the control and reproducibility of device performances, but also open up avenues for engineering new physical properties. The aim of Aitor Mugarza and his group is to understand and control quantum phenomena with atomic precision by chemical and structural manipulation, nanostructuring and interfacing materials that are identified as strategic in the roadmap for new technologies (hybrid metal-organic heterostructures, graphene-based 2D materials, topological insulators…).

Selected publications

– Moreno C, Vilas-Varela M, Kretz B, Garcia-Lekue A, Costache MV, Paradinas M, Panighel M, Ceballos G, Valenzuela SO, Peña D & Mugarza A 2018, ‘Bottom-up synthesis of multifuntional nanoporous graphene‘, Science, vol. 360, Issue 6385 pp 199-203.

– Moreno C, Paradinas M, Vilas-Varela M, Panighel M, Ceballos G, Peña D & Mugarza A 2018, ‘On-surface synthesis of superlattice arrays of ultra-long graphene nanorribons‘, Chemical Communications, vol. 54, pp 9402-9405.

– Rüßmann P, Mahatha SK, Sessi P, Valbuena MA, Bathon T, Fauth K, Godey S, Mugarza A, AKokh K, Tereshchenko O, Gargiani P, Valvidares M, Jiménez E, Brookes N, Bode M, Bihlmayer G, Blügel S, Mavropoulos P, Carbone C & Barla A 2018, ‘Towards microscopic control of the magnetic exchange coupling at the surface of a topological insulator‘, J. Phys. Mater. vol.1, pp 015002.

– Ortega JE, Vasseur G, Piquero-Zulaica I, Matencio S, Valbuena MA, Rault JE, Schiller F, Corso M, Mugarza A & Lobo-Checa J 2018, ‘Structure and electronic states of vicinal Ag(111) surfaces with densely kinked steps‘, New Journal of Physics, vol. 20, pp 073010.

Selected research activities

Invited talks (selected):

  • ‘Engineering nanoporous graphene with atomic precision’,  A. Mugarza, in Recent Progress in Graphene & 2D Materials Research, Guilin, China, October 22-25 2018.
  • ‘Tuning charge and spin interactions at hybrid organic/metal and organic/topological insulator interfaces’,  A. Mugarza, in 10th International School and Conference on Physics and Applications of Spin Phenomena in Solids, Linz, Austria, August 5-9 2018.
  • ‘Bottom-up synthesis of graphene nanostructures: from 0D dots, to 1D ribbons, to 2D porous graphene’, A. Mugarza, in 7th International Conference NANOSEA NANO-Structures and Nanomaterials Self-Assembly, Carqueiranne, France, July 2-6 2018.

Patents: “A nanoporous graphene structure and method for preparation thereof”.  Nº: EP18382088.5. Country: European Union.