José Luis Peydró

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Social & Behavioural Sciences

Peydró is ICREA Research Professor at UPF, Professor of Economics at UPF, Barcelona GSE Research Professor, CREI Research Associate, CEPR Research Fellow, advisory scientific committee member of the European Systemic Risk Board, research advisor of the Bank of Spain, Research Professor at the Bundesbank, and consultant in several central banks and international organizations, including European Central Bank’s Directorate General Economics since 2017. He has been a visiting scholar at Banque de France, Becker Friedman Institute at Chicago University, MIT-Sloan, Bank of Spain, IMF, De Nederlandsche Bank and the World Bank. He is the Principal Investigator of research grants from the ERC (Consolidator), MINECO (2016-18 and 2013-2015) and Fundación BBVA (2018-20) and research fellowships from the Bank of England (2016-17) and ECB’s Wim Duisenberg (2019).

Research interests

Peydró specializes in Finance and Macroeconomics, mainly on systemic risk, financial crises, endogenous risk, central bank policies, monetary and prudential policy, financial globalization, financial contagion, financial innovation, macroeconomics and credit markets, capital and liquidity. He is also working on the effects of financial distress on households’ welfare. He has recently written the book Systemic Risk, Crises and Macroprudential Regulation at MIT Press.

Selected publications

– Peydró JL, Polo A & Sette E 2018, ‘Securities Trading and Lending in Banks’ in Mayer C, Micossi S, Onado M, Pagano M & Polo A (eds.), Finance and Investment: The European Case, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

– Altavilla C, Boucinha M & Peydró JL 2018, ‘Monetary Policy and Bank Profitability in a Low Interest Rate Environment’, Economic Policy, vol33 (96) pp.531-586.

Selected research activities

Seminars at MIT, U. Bonn, Nova School of Business and Economics, TSE; and BIS.

Co-organizer Barcelona GSE-EuroFIT Workshop ‘Financial Intermediation and Risk’ (Barcelona); SAFE-Goethe Universität-IBF Conference ‘The Real Effects of Financial Crises: Past, Present, Future’ (Frankfurt), and organizer of UPF’s Departmental Seminar.

Keynote lectures NBB Fifth Research Workshop of the MPC Task Force on Banking Analysis for Monetary Policy (Brussels); 14th CSEF-IGIER Symposium on Eco. and Institutions (Anacapri); and IWH-Halle Workshop ‘Challenges to Financial Stability’ (Halle).

Conference presentations/discussions ECB Research Workshop on Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability (Frankfurt); Macroprudential Policy Conf. While the Sun is Shining, Prepare for a Rainy Day (Copenhagen); ECB Conf. ‘Monetary Policy Bridging Science and Practice’ (Frankfurt); U. Penn-Wharton Conf. ‘Liquidity and Financial Fragility’ (Philadelphia); 8th BIS Research Network Meeting: Assessing the Impact of the Post-Crisis Financial Regulatory Reforms (Basel); 45th EFA Annual Meeting (Warsaw); NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics (Dublin); FIRS Annual Conf. (Barcelona); Cass BS 2nd Workshop on Corporate Debt Markets (London); Sapienza-Bocconi-Banca d’Italia Conf. ‘New Frontiers in Banking: from Corporate Governance to Risk Management’ (Rome).

Sci. Committee Member Cass BS 2nd Workshop on Corporate Debt Markets; 11th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation; DB-Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Conference ‘Bank Business Models: Structural Changes and Their Systemic Implications’.