César R. Ranero

Institut de Ciències del Mar

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

My Dr. degree was awarded (1993) by Barcelona University for work at the Earth Sciences Institute (CSIC). After a postdoc (93-99) and tenure  (2000) at GEOMAR, I joined ICREA in 2005 to work at the Marine Sciences Institute (CSIC). I have  >120 peer-reviewed articles, with > 100 within the SCI with >4800 citations coming from > 2600 articles and h-index = 40. I have >500 contributions to international congresses and delivered >55 invited talks and seminars at European/American/Japan universities, research centers, and congresses/workshops. I have been organizer, convener, or program committee member of >30 international scientific meetings. I have been PI or CO-PI of over a dozen projects that included ship cruises. I have supervised the work of more than 20 graduated and postdoctoral researchers. Since 2007 I coordinate the Barcelona Center for Subsurface Imaging (http://www.barcelona-csi.cmima.csic.es) with 20-25 scientists.

Research interests

I study subduction systems, continental rifting, and seafloor spreading. For this end, I regularly lead international scientific teams in experiments to acquire the best possible observations. I work on analysis and processing to obtain robust data sets, and use state-of-the-art imaging techniques. I also work with multibeam bathymetry of seafloor maps. My goal is to interpret seismic observables integrated with other geophysical and geological information to advance conceptually in the understanding of active systems. I study tectonic and magmatic processes at oceanic spreading centers and the rift architecture of continental margins. I also study tectonic processes at convergent plate boundaries, where my interest has been centered on the relations between long-term tectonics, seismogenesis, and fluids in the incoming oceanic and overriding plates. I am particularly interested on the processes that govern the behaviour of earthquakes at subduction zones.

Selected publications

- Booth-Rea G, Ranero CR & Grevemeyer I 2018, 'The Alboran volcanic-arc modulated the Messinian faunal exchange and salinity crisis', Scientific Reports, 8, 13015.

- Kohn MJ, Castro AE, Kerswell BC, Ranero CR & Spear FS 2018, 'Shear heating reconciles thermal models with the metamorphic rock record of subduction', Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America, 115, 46, 11706 - 11711.

- Jimenez CE, Sallares V & Ranero CR 2018, 'Appraisal of Instantaneous Phase-Based Functions in Adjoint Waveform Inversion', Ieee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing, 56, 9, 5185 - 5197.

- Grevemeyer I, Ranero CR & Ivandic M 2018, 'Structure of oceanic crust and serpentinization at subduction trenches', Geosphere, 14, 2, 395 - 418.

- Geersen J, Ranero CR et al. 2018, 'Does permanent extensional deformation in lower forearc slopes indicate shallow plate-boundary rupture?', Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 489, 17 - 27.

- Prada M, Sallares V, Ranero CR et al. 2018, 'Spatial variations of magmatic crustal accretion during the opening of the Tyrrhenian back-arc from wide-angle seismic velocity models and seismic reflection images', Basin Res., 30, 124 - 141.

- Dannowski A, Morgan JP, Grevemeyer I & Ranero CR 2018, 'Enhanced Mantle Upwelling/Melting Caused Segment Propagation, Oceanic Core Complex Die Off, and the Death of a Transform Fault: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 21.5 degrees N', Journal Of Geophysical Research, 123, 2, 941 - 956.

- Geersen J, Ranero CR et al. 2018, 'Active tectonics of the North Chilean marine forearc and adjacent oceanic Nazca Plate', Tectonics, 37.

- Gómez de la Peña L, Ranero CR & Gràcia E 2018, 'The Crustal Domains of the Alboran Basin (Western Mediterranean', Tectonics, 37.

Selected research activities

Chief Scientist of FRAME-1 cruise 5 June - 1 August.

Convener of 2 sessions European Geoscience Union Assembly (Vienna).

2018 Fellow of the American geophysical Union (AGU).