Sven Rosenkranz

Universitat de Barcelona


Sven received his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 1999. After a research fellowship at UNAM, he worked at the philosophy department at FU Berlin until 2005 and was awarded his senior doctorate (habilitation) in 2004. From 2005 until 2008 he received a DFG Heisenberg Research Fellowship. Sven joined ICREA in 2008. He is Associate Fellow at Arché, St Andrews, and was until its closure in 2015 Honorary Research Fellow at the Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen. From 2010 until 2013 he coordinated the FP7 ITN PETAF (EC-GA 238128, €1465432) and from 2010 until 2015 served on the executive committee of the Consolider-Ingenio PERSP (CSD2009-00056, €2000000). Since 2014 he is coordinator of the consolidated research group LOGOS (2017-SGR-63). From 2016 until 2019, Sven coordinates the Horizon 2020 ETN Diaphora (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015-675415, €3670854). In September 2018 he was elected member of the Academia Europaea.

Research interests

Sven's main research interests lie in metaphysics and epistemology. He is particularly interested in realism, objectivity, fallibility, the logic of justification, the limits of thought and knowledge (if any), and the philosophy of time. Sven has just published a co-authored monograph on tensed theories of time with Springer. He is currently finishing a book manuscript on the logic of justification based on his 2018 Mind paper 'The Structure of Justification'.

Selected publications

- Rosenkranz S 2018, 'The Structure of Justification', Mind, 127, 506, 309 - 338.

- Correia F & Rosenkranz S 2018, 'Nothing To Come: A Defence Of The Growing Block Theory Of Time', Synthese Library Series, Vol. 395, Springer, New York.

Selected research activities

Invited talks and conference presentations:

'The Logic of Justification Reloaded', Formal Methods Seminar, King's College London, February 2018

'Being in a position to know', First Flemish Epistemology Workshop, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, KU Leuven, May 2018

'Towards a logic for being in a position to know', Workshop on Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic, University of Oslo, June 2018, and Workshop on Normative Notions Formalised, Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, München, August 2018

'The Grounding of Tensed Truths', Fifth Annual Conference of the International Association for Philosophy of Time, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, June 2018, and Workshop on Ockhamism and Philosophy of Time, University of L'Aquila, Italy

'Agnosticism and epistemic norms', Workshop on Suspension of Belief, University of Mannheim, October 2018

'Indeterminism and the Growing Block Theory of Time' (with Fabrice Correia), DIAPHORA Workshop on Determinism and Open Choices, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, December 2018