Pablo O. Vaccaro

Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

Engineering Sciences

Pablo Vaccaro earned his MSc in Physics working on LPE of IV-VI compound semiconductors, in 1986, and his PhD in Physics degree working on CdS/CdTe solar cells, in 1991, at Balseiro Institute, Bariloche, Argentina. He joined Prof. Hiroyuki Matsunami's Labs at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan, where he conducted post-doctoral research on chemical beam epitaxy of III-V compound semiconductors until 1993. He then moved to Advanced Telecom. Research Institute, in Kyoto, Japan, where he conducted research on MBE of III-V compound semiconductors and optoelectronic devices fabrication, reaching the position of Senior Researcher. In 2006 he was hired by Sharp Corp. at the Advanced Technol. Res. Labs., in Nara, Japan, where he worked on MOCVD of III-N compound semiconductors and fabrication process of blue laser diodes and LEDs. He became ICREA Research Professor at ICMAB-CSIC, Bellaterra, Spain, in 2010 and he moved to ICFO, Castelldefels, Spain, in 2018.

Research interests

SiGe thermoelectric far-infrared sensors integrated on silicon substrates. Tensile strained germanium on silicon substrates for monolithically integrated optoelectronics. SiGe nanowires for thermoelectric applications. Piezoresistivity in Si/Ge nanostructures and III-V heterostructures.

Selected publications

- Vaccaro PO, Alonso MI, Garriga M, Gutiérrez J, Peró D, Wagner MR, Reparaz JS, Sotomayor-Torres CM, Vidal X, Carter EA, Lay PA, Yoshimoto M & Goñi AR 2018, 'Localized Thinning for Strain Concentration in Suspended Germanium Membranes and Optical Method for Precise Thickness Measurement', AIP Adv. 8115131/1-11.