Jeroen van den Bergh

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Social & Behavioural Sciences

ICREA Research Professor at Institute of Environmental Science & Technology, Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona. Also Honorary Professor of Environmental & Resource Economics in School of Economics & Business and Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam (VUA). Editor-in-chief of journal Environmental Innovation & Societal Transitions. Previously, full professor of Environmental Economics (1997-2007) at VUA and member of the Dutch Energy Council (2003-2007). Obtained Masters degree in Econometrics & Operations Research from Tilburg University, and PhD from VUA. His work is much cited (e.g. >18 000 Google Scholar citations). He received Royal Shell Prize 2002, IEC's Environmental Prize 2011, several awards for publications, and an ERC Advanced Grant. His latest book is Human Evolution Beyond Biology and Culture: Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences (Cambridge University Press, Oct. 2018).


Research interests

The intersection of economics, environmental/climate science and innovation studies. Work in recent years focuses on the design of effective climate policy (notably carbon pricing) and carbon/energy rebound, particularly under bounded rationality. Research involves application of methods and insights of behavioural and evolutionary economics. Past studies covered integrated environmental-economic modelling, contributions to the growth-versus-environment debate, economic policy analysis of dematerialization and recycling, and spatial/international aspects of environmental policy.

Selected publications

– van den Bergh JCJM 2018, Human Evolution beyond Biology and Culture: Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 551 pages.

– King LC & van den Bergh JCJM 2018, ‘Implications of net energy-return-on-investment for a low-carbon energy transition‘, Nature Energy, 3(4): 334-340.

– Botzen W, van den bergh JCJM & Chichilnisky G 2018, ‘Climate policy without intertemporal dictatorship: Chichilnisky criterion versus classical utilitarianism in DICE‘, Climate Change Economics, 9(2), 1850002.

– Safarzyńska K & van den Bergh JCJM 2018, ‘A higher rebound effect under bounded rationality: Interactions between car mobility and electricity generation‘, Energy Economics, 74, 179–196.

van den Bergh JCJM & Botzen WJW 2018, ‘Impact of a climate treaty if HDI replaces GDP as welfare proxy‘, Climate Policy, Volume 18 (1): 76-85.

– Gazheli A & van den Bergh J 2018, ‘Real options analysis of investment in solar vs. wind energy: Diversification strategies under uncertain prices and costs‘, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 82(3): 2693-2704.