Alejandro R. Goñi

Alejandro R. Goñi

Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona

Engineering Sciences

I graduated in physics in 1985 at the Balseiro Institute, Argentina. In 1989 I finished my PhD at the Max-Planck Institute FKF in Stuttgart with Prof. M. Cardona. It followed a two-years postdoc at AT&T Bell Labs in Murray Hill, USA, and back at MPI-FKF Stuttgart for three years. In 1996 I moved to the Technical University of Berlin for an appointment as Research & Teaching Associate, where in 1998 I completed my Habilitation. In 1999 I received the Karl-Scheel Prize from the Physical Society of Berlin for my contributions to the field of high-pressure semiconductor physics. I joined the Optoelectronic Properties of Nanostructured Materials (NANOPTO) group at ICMAB-CSIC in November 2003 as ICREA. At ICMAB I created a facility for optical spectroscopy with micro and nanometer-scale resolution and set up a laboratory for high-pressure physics.

Research interests

I am an experimental physicist with broad interests and experience in solid-state physics, optical spectroscopy (Raman scattering, photoluminescence, etc.), nanoscience and technology, energy materials, physics of low-dimensional materials (superlattices, quantum wires and dots), highly correlated electron systems, and high-pressure techniques. Essentially, I use light as a probe of the physical properties of all kinds of molecular materials and organic and/or inorganic nanomaterials, looking for new behaviors or phenomena that arise as a direct consequence of the reduced dimensionality and/or size of the material system under study. Although I dedicate myself to basic research, I always have a clear application in mind, such as improving the performance of optoelectronic devices, enhancing thermoelectric and/or photovoltaic properties, boosting solar energy conversion efficiency, develop ultra-sensitive spectroscopic techniques, etc. I currently lead group activities on high pressure physics, hybrid metal-halide perovskites, plasmon-assisted hot-electron emitters and the development of a spectrum-on-demand light source.

Selected publications

- Ambrosio F, De Angelis F & Goñi AR 2022, 'The Ferroelectric-Ferroelastic Debate about Metal Halide Perovskites', J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 13, 7731-7740.

- Hu J, Pérez LA, Garcia-Pomar JL, Mihi A, Garriga M, Alonso MI & Goñi AR 2022, 'Efficient Infrared Sunlight Absorbers Based on Gold-Covered, Inverted Silicon Pyramid Arrays', Mater. Adv. 3, 2364-2372.

- Pérez LA, Xu K, Wagner MR, Dörling B, Perevedentsev A, Goñi AR, Campoy-Quiles M, Alonso MI & Reparaz JS 2022, 'Anisotropic Thermoreflectance Thermometry: A Contactless Frequency-Domain Thermoreflectance Approach to Study Anisotropic Thermal Transport', Rev. Sci. Instrum. 93, 034902/1-10.

- Lloveras V, Elias-Rodríguez P, Bursi L, Shirdel E, Goñi AR, Calzolari A & Vidal-Gancedo J 2022, 'Multifunctional Switch Based on Spin-Labeled Gold Nanoparticles', Nano Lett. 22, 768-774.

- Black AP, Guarín JR, Oró-Solé J, Goñi AR, Frontera C & Fuertes A 2022, 'Neodymium Europium Oxynitridosilicates of ß-K2SO4 Type: Structural, Magnetic and Red Luminescence Properties', J. Sol. Stat. Chem. 316, 123571/1-7.

Selected research activities

Patent Ref. ES1641.1760 registered 2022-05-23 in Spain, Spectral shaper illumination device, inventors: Campoy-Quiles M, Goñi AR, Gibert-Roca M & Casademont-Vñas M, granted to CSIC. Technology State-of-the-Art Report (2022-12-20): Claims novel & inventive.

Project PID2021-128924OB-I00, Improving solar cell efficiency by spectral matching and charge mobility enhancement (ISOSCELLES), MICINN, 01/2022-12/2024, 272.250,- € + 1 FPI grant, PIs: Campoy-Quiles M & Goñi AR.

Project Ref. TED2021-132807B-I00, CO2 conversion into chemicals of industrial interest by plasmon-assisted photocatalysis (PLASMOCRACO2), MICINN, 12/2022-11/2024, 209.300,- €, PIs: Goñi AR & Mihi A.

Project Ref. PDC2022-134001-I00, Spectrum-on-demand light source for photovoltaic materials characterization (SOLS), MICINN, 12/2022-11/2024, 149.500,- €, PIs: Goñi AR & Campoy-Quiles M.