Sergei Odintsov

Sergei Odintsov

Institut de Ciències de l'Espai

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

ICREA Research Professor at ICE (CSIC-IEEC) since 2003. Author of about 700 articles cited over 55000 times. Two ms were cited more than 3000 times,  while six ms and two books - more than 1000 times each. Foreign Member of the Royal Norwegian Academy, member of Eur. Phys. Soc., Italian Grav. Soc.  Awarded by Amaldi Gold Medal: European Prize for Grav. Physics 2014. Editorial Board Member of six journals, Editor-in-Chief of journal Symmetry  and referee of about 20 journals (with  dozen excellence certificates). Hirsh index h=115(Google S.), h=105(inspirehep), h=97(Scopus). Supervisor of 14 PhDs. Speaker/lecturer of  about 120  and  organizer of 40 int. workshops. Top Cited Clarivate Analytics  Researcher in 2014-2018. Honorary Professorship: TSPU(2019), TUSUR(2020). Golden sign Grain of Truth from professors Union (2022).

Research interests

I develop the theory which should describe our universe evolution as a whole. My main purpose is  to resolve the fundamental puzzle of modern cosmology: why and how the universe accelerates? What is Dark Energy and Inflation? In fact, I proposed the first modified gravity which may describe the consistent universe history. In relation with modified gravity we proposed new very general and non-singular   entropy which generalises known earlier variants.  The alternative gravity which we develop should describe the whole sequence of the universe eras: inflation, radiation-matter dominance and dark energy era in a unified way. We also continue the search for exotic intermediate eras like pre-inflationary or exotic reheating era and the related gravitational waves. Our study of current universe  will clarify its future: if it will expand eternally or if its evolution will be finished in the future singularity.

Selected publications

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2022, 'Chirality of gravitational waves in Chern-Simons f(R) gravity cosmology', Phys Rev, D105, 104054.

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2022, 'Integral F(R) gravity and saddle point condition as a remedy for the H0 tension', Nuclear Physics, B980,1115850 

- S D Odintsov and V K Oikonomou, 'Pre-inflationary bounce effects on primordial gravitational waves of f(R) gravity', Phys.Lett.B824 (2022) p.136817

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK, 'Running of the spectral index and inflationary dynamics of F(R) gravity', Physics Letters B833 (2022) p.137353  

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Paul T 2022, Barrow entropic dark energy: A member of holographic dark energy family', Phys Lett, B825, 136844.

- Odintsov SD, Gomez DSC & Sharov GS, 2022, 'Testing viable extensions of Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity', Physics of the Dark Universe, 37, 101100.

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Tanmoy P 2022, 'Early and late universe holographic cosmology from a new generalized entropy', Physics Letters B, 831, 137189.

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Paul T, 'Towards a smooth unification from an ekpyrotic bounce to the dark energy era', Phys.Dark Universe 35(2022) p.100984

- Nojiri S & Odintsov SD 2022, '2D F(R) gravity and AdS2/CFT1 correspondence', Europhysics Letters 139, 69001.

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK 2022, Neutron stars in scalar-tensor gravity with quartic order scalar potential, Annals of Physics, 440, 168839.

- Nojiri S, Odintsov SD & Paul T 2022, 'Modified cosmology from the thermodynamics of apparent horizon', Phys Lett B835, 137553.

- Odintsov SD & Oikonomou VK, 'Did the Universe experience a pressure non-crushing type cosmological singularity in the near past'Europhysics Letters 137 (2022) p.39001

Selected research activities

Org. Comm. Chairman/lecturer of 5th Space Sci. Summer School, ICE, Barcelona (3-15 July, 2022)

Invited speaker at Int.Conf. Frontiers of Fund. Physics, FFP19, Turkey (May 2022); Lecturer at mini-conference on gravity, Ben Gurion Univ., Israel, Sept.2022