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Vassil Skumryev

Vassil Skumryev

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Engineering Sciences

Vassil Skumryev is ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He received a PhD from the University of Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1983, where he was habilitated in 1991. Prior to joining ICREA in 2003, he had long term appointments, including Visiting Scientist / Professor Positions at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland); University of Delaware (USA); Max-Plank Institute für Metalforschung (Stuttgart, Germany); The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). He has worked in a broad range of magnetic materials and phenomena publishing over 130 scientific papers (incl. Nature, Physical Review Letters, Science Advances, Physics Reports, Physical Review, Advanced Materials, ...).

Research interests

Magnetic Structures and Magnetic Phase Transitions (incl. neutron diffraction studies and such at very high magnetic fields); Magnetoelectric Materials and how the interface phenomena in nanostructures of such materials could allow an additional degree of freedom in device design (e.g. new type memory, where the magnetic state is controlled by an electric field or vice versa); Magnetic Nanostructures with Enhanced Thermal Stability (e.g. for a possible application as high-density recording media); Intrinsic Magnetic Phase Separation; Metal-Based Pharmaceutics (studying the magnetic properties can provide important information for the structure and other properties of such pharmaceuticals); Magnetometry

Selected publications

– Golosovsky IV, Mukhin AA, Skumryev V, Boehm M, Schmidt W, Regnault LP, and I. A. Gudim IA 2021 “Magnetic excitations and exchange interactions in the substituted multiferroics (Nd,Tb)Fe3(BO3)4 revealed by inelastic neutron scattering“, Physical Review B, 103, 214412

– Verseils M, Litvinchuk AP, Brubach JB, Roy P, Beauvois K, Ressouche E, Skumryev V, Gospodinov M, Simonet V, and de Brion S 2021 “Infrared phonon spectroscopy on the Cairo pentagonal antiferromagnet Bi2Fe4O9: A study through the pressure-induced structural transition“, Physical Review B, 103, 17, 174403.

ICREA Memoir 2021