Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Centre de Regulació Genòmica

Life & Medical Sciences

* 2020 Elected Member Academia Europaea
* 2020 ERC Grant
* 2018 Full Professor of Biochemistry 
* 2014  ICREA Research Professor
* 2013 ERC Grant 
* 2010 - Group Leader, Bioinformatics and Genomics Program, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona (Spain)
* 2011 - Clare Hall Life Member, University of Cambridge (UK)
* 2005-2010 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Clare Hall College, Chemistry Department, University of Cambridge (UK)
* 2001-2005 - PhD, Biochemistry Department, University of Zurich, Zurich (CH)
* 1996-2000 - MPhil Theoretical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, University la Sapienza, Rome (Italy)

Research interests

Characterizing protein-RNA associations is key to unravel the complexity and functionality of mammalian genomes and could open up therapeutic avenues for the treatment of a broad range of neurodegenerative disorders.  My laboratory works on associations of non-coding RNAs, such as Xist, with proteins involved in transcriptional and translational regulation as well as neurodegenerative diseases (examples include Parkinson’s SNCA, FXTAS’ FMRP, ALS-related TDP-43 and FUS).  We aim to discover the involvement of RNA (coding, non-coding, viral) molecules in regulatory networks. More specifically, we are interested in understanding mechanisms whose alteration lead to aberrant accumulation of proteins.   One part of our research is dedicated to ribonucleoprotein granules and their implication for cell function.

Selected publications

- Vandelli A, Monti M, Milanetti E, Armaos A, Rupert J, Zacco E, Bechara E, Delli Ponti R, Tartaglia GG 2020. 'Structural analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genome and predictions of the human interactome'. Nucleic Acids Res. 48(20):11270-11283.

- Cerase, Andrea; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano 2020, 'Long non-coding RNA-polycomb intimate rendezvous', Open Biology, 10, 9, 200126.

- Gotor, Nieves Lorenzo; Armaos, Alexandros; Calloni, Giulia; Burgas, Marc Torrent; Vabulas, R. Martin; De Groot, Natalia Sanchez; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano 2020, 'RNA-binding and prion domains: the Yin and Yang of phase separation', Nucleic Acids Research, 48, 17, 9491 - 9504.

- Ponti, Riccardo Delli; Armaos, Alexandros; Vandelli, Andrea; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano 2020, 'CROSSalive: a web server for predicting the in vivo structure of RNA molecules', Bioinformatics, 36, 3, 940 - 941.

- Louka, Alexandra; Zacco, Elsa; Temussi, Piero Andrea; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano*; Pastore, Annalisa 2020, 'RNA as the stone guest of protein aggregation.', Nucleic Acids Research, 48, 21, 11880 - 11889.

- Macho Rendon, Javier; Lang, Benjamin; Tartaglia, Gian*; Torrent Burgas, Marc 2020, 'BacFITBase: a database to assess the relevance of bacterial genes during host infection', Nucleic Acids Research, 48, D1, D511 - D516.

Selected research activities

ERC Synergy recipient. Since September 2020 elected MAE (Member of Academia Europaea). Worked and published on SARS-CoV-2