Alexander Fidora – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Invited to speak at the honorary lecture series of the Albertus-Magnus-Institut in 2019, A. Fidora has now published a pioneering monograph in the prestigious Lectio Albertina-series which presents essential results of his ERC-project on “The Latin Talmud”. This reappraisal of the history of the Jewish people in thirteenth-century Europe is a major contribution to historical and social justice. At the same time, exploring the historical interactions between Christians and Jews is crucial for understanding Europe’s cultural and political identity, which was shaped not only by Christianity, but also by Judaism and Islam. This study brings to light the historical foundations of religious (in)tolerance, and underscores the necessity of protecting religious and cultural diversity in Europe.

Alexander Fidora, Albertus Magnus und der Talmud (Lectio Albertina 20), Münster i. W.: Aschendorff, 2020.