ICREA Academia

Pere Ginès Gibert

ICREA Academia 2014

Universitat de Barcelona (UB) · Life & Medical Sciences

Pere Ginès is a physician scientist in the field of liver diseases. He is the current chairman of the Liver Unit of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona. He obtained his degree in Medicine in the University of Barcelona School of Medicine and did his training in Digestive and Liver diseases in the Hospital Clínic. He obtained his PhD in the same University. His scientific career has taken place in the Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, University of Colorado, and University of Calgary. He is currently the principal investigator of the IDIBAPS group “Mechanisms of liver diseases and complications of cirrhosis”.

Research interests

The main research interests of his group are the mechanisms of liver cell injury in liver diseases and how liver injury progresses from an acute to a chronic condition. In recent years, the research has been focused on the role of a number of mediators of liver cell injury, including cytokines, chemokines and miRNAs, as well as the possible participation of liver stem cells. His group is also studying gene expression and molecular mechanisms in a number of human chronic liver diseases to identify potential targets of therapy to prevent disease progression. On the clinical side, the research has been focused in biomarkers to predict clinical outcomes in cirrhosis. Other important areas of clinical research are the pathogenesis and management of the acute-on-chronic liver failure syndrome (ACLF), the potential role of the microbiome in the complications of cirrhosis, and the pathogenesis and management of acute kidney injury, particularly hepatorenal syndrome.


Liver, Cirrhosis, Renal failure, Ascites, Fatty Liver