Jordi Arbiol

Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2)

Engineering Sciences

Born in Molins de Rei (Catalonia), 1975. Graduated in Physics at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) in 1997, where he also obtained his PhD (European Doctorate and PhD Extraordinary Award) in 2001. He also worked as Assistant Professor at UB. From 2009 to 2015 he was ICREA Prof. at Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, ICMAB-CSIC. Since 2013 he is Vice-President of the Spanish Microscopy Society (SME), and since 2009 he is Member of its Executive Board. Since 2015 he is ICREA Prof. at Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2). He has been project Expert Advisor for several International Agencies: United States Department of Energy (DOE) (USA), European Research Council (ERC) (EU), The Royal Society (UK), Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Flanders Research Foundation (FWO), etc. He has been awarded with the 2014 EMS Outstanding Paper Award, EU40 Materials Prize 2014 (E-MRS) and listed in the Top 40 under 40 Power List (2014) by The Analytical Scientist.

Research interests

The increasing interest in Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology has created a serious global need for the development of nanoscopy tools in order to be able to observe and chemically analyze the synthesized nanostructures at atomic scale. Exploring the limits of physical resolution in advanced electron microscopy and understanding the ultimate behavior of materials at the nanoscale and their related properties are the central aims of my research. The newest research lines we are working in are based on single atom recognition and localization in embedded quantum structures. In parallel I am interested in finding methodologies to perform a direct correlation between the structural and chemical properties at the atomic scale and the physical properties at sub-nanometer scale (photonics, plasmonics and phononics).

Selected publications

de la Mata M, Leturcq R,* Plissard SR, Rolland C, Magen C, Arbiol J* & Caroff P* 2016, ‘Twin-induced InSb nanosails: a convenient high mobility quantum system‘, Nano Letters16, pp 825-833.

Tang* P-Y, …, Galán-Mascarós JR, Morante JR & Arbiol* J 2016, ‘Synergistic Effects in 3D Honeycomb-like Hematite Nanoflakes/Branched Polypyrrole Nanoleaves Heterostructures as High-Performance Negative Electrodes for Asymmetric Supercapacitors’, Nano Energy22, pp 189-201.

Genc A, …, Puntes* VF & Arbiol* J 2016,  ‘Tuning the plasmonic response up: Hollow cuboid metal nanostructures’ACS Photonics3, pp 770-779.

Sivaram SV, Hui HY, de la Mata M, Arbiol J & Filler MA 2016, ‘Surface Hydrogen Enables Sub-Eutectic Vapor-Liquid-Solid Semiconductor Nanowire Growth’, Nano Letters16, pp 6717-6723.

Ibáñez M, …, Arbiol J, Kovalenko MV & Cabot A 2016, ‘High-performance thermoelectric nanocomposites from nanocrystal building blocks’Nature Communications7, 10766.

Lähnemann J, …, Arbiol J, Eickhoff M & Monroy E 2016, ‘UV Photosensing Characteristics of Nanowire Based GaN/AlN Superlattices’, Nano Letters16, pp 3260-3267.

Yu Y, Lu X, Guillaussier A, Voggu VR, Pineros W, de la Mata M, Arbiol J, Smilgies DM, Truskett TM & Korgel BA 2016, ‘Orientationally Ordered Silicon Nanocrystal Cuboctahedra in Superlattices’, Nano Letters16, pp 7814-7821.

Han L-J, Tang P-Y, …, Arbiol J & Galan-Mascaros JR 2016, ‘Enhanced activity and acid pH stability of Prussian blue-type oxygen evolution electrocatalysts processed by chemical etching‘, Journal of the American Chemical Society138, pp 16037-16045.

Selected research activities

– 2 Plenary Lectures (ANNIC2016 & YUCOMAT2016)
– 5 Invited talks (SPIE Photonics, ISM Golden Jubilee, ELECMI, EMN 2D-Materials, Nanowires 2016).
– 6 Invited Seminars (Ben Gurion Univ, Niels Bohr Inst., Ecole Polytechnique, ICMM,…).
– Vice-President of the Spanish Microscopy Soc.
– Expert Panel Member for the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO).