Toni Ñaco del Hoyo

Universitat de Girona (UdG)


Prof. Toni Ñaco del Hoyo (PhD 1996, Barcelona) is an Ancient Historian of the Classical World. A former Fulbrighter (UC Berkeley, 2004), before joining ICREA in 2009 he held Catalan and Spanish funded postdoctoral positions at Wolfson College Oxford (1998-2002), where he remains a member, as well as a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship at UAB. Research awards as PI: H.F. Guggenheim Foundation (2007), RICIP (2010; 2012-3), Spanish Government R+D Grants (2011-3; 2015-7), Acción Complementaria (2011), ARCS (2012), Icrea Conference Award (2012), Margo Tytus Visiting Fellowship at Cincinnati (summer 2014). Since 2012 he has been yearly Visiting Scholar at the Classics Faculty (Oxford). Recently, he has supervised 3 already finished PhD dissertations. In September 2015 he moved to Universitat de Girona in search of new research challenges: e.g. he will organize the Second Colloquium of the Forum of Roman Republican Historians from Spain (Girona, 21-2 Sep. 2017).

Research interests

As an ancient historian, he mostly deals with the Hellenistic and Roman Republican periods. With his colleague Dr J. Principal he is currently working on the history and the archaeology of the Roman intervention in the West (NE Hispania) from the financial and military logistic standpoints. Also, he has conducted research on collateral damage, garrisoning strategies, asymmetrical warfare, military intelligence, crisis management, international relations and peacebuilding studies in the Classical World, and last but not least he has recently revisited his old work on Roman Republican taxation. He is about to correct proofs of a book on Rome’s military intervention in pre-Sertorian Hispania (Barcelona 2017). Finally, the peer-reviewed evaluation of another co-edited volume -War, Warlords and Interstate relations in the Ancient Mediterranean 404BC – AD14- from Brill Editions (Leiden-Boston) is expected shortly.

Selected publications

Ñaco del Hoyo T 2016,Review of Hollard D & López Sánchez F Le Chrisme et le Phénix’, Images monétaires et mutations idéologiques aux IVè, Siècle, Scripta Antiqua 63, Ausonius Ed., Bordeaux, 2014’, Latomus. Revue des Études Latins, 75.3, 799-800.

Ñaco del Hoyo T 2016, ‘The Treasures of the Earth – Natural Resources in the ancient World: Stuttgart Colloquium on the Historical Geography of Antiquity 10, 2008’, Athenaeum-studi Periodici Di Letteratura E Storia Dell Antichita, 104, 1, 342 – 345.

Ñaco del Hoyo T & Arrayás-Morales I 2016, ‘Rome, Pontus, Thrace and the military disintegration of the world beyond the Hellenistic East’, in Slootjes D & Peachin M (eds.) Rome and the Worlds Beyond Roman Frontiers, Ed. Brill, Leiden-Boston, 3-19.

Selected research activities

– PhD Dissertation by Dr R. Riera, co-supervised and successfully examined at UAB (February).

– Short-term (a few weeks each) research visits at Oxford University (May and November).

– Organisation of a Research Seminar: “Archaeology and history of conflict in Classical Antiquity 2016: new advances East & West”. Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya-Girona (March).

– Invited Talk in Girona (January), conference papers presented at Lezuza, Albacete (April) and Kwansei Gakuin & Kyoto, Japan (November), and a Graduate Seminar in Girona (December).

– Member of the Selection Panel ‘Historia y Arte’ of ‘Juan de la Cierva Formación’ & ‘Juan de la Cierva Incorporación’ postdoctoral fellowships, (ANEP, Madrid, May).

– Peer-reviewed evaluation for ‘Gladius’, a journal from CSIC, Madrid.

– Ongoing co-supervision of 3 PhD theses (UB, UAB and UdG), 2 Master theses (UdG), and 1 graduate thesis (UdG).