László Neumann

Universitat de Girona (UdG)

Engineering Sciences

I was born in 1955 in Budapest, Hungary. MSc. in Engineering and Mathematics, 1978 TU Budapest, Mechanical Engineering: computer tomography. PhD 1982, Applied Mathematics: economical modeling. Publications: conference proceedings 47, journals 32, 3 books, chapters in books 18, others 55. As a head of industrial departments and projects, I led research and software development in architectural CAD, cartography, medical imaging, 3D face modeling, color harmony design, and numerical methods. Between 1995-2007: visiting lecturer at TU Vienna. Since 2002 ICREA Research Professor. My strengths are the interdisciplinary approach, mathematical modeling and motivating people. I am member of over a dozen IPC and other committees.

Research interests

My research has an interdisciplinary character in the common focus of computer imagery and applied mathematics. This wide field covers image processing, color science, computer graphics, and computational photography. My profile in VICOROB at Universitat de Girona encompasses underwater color image enhancement and visualization – de-hazing, efficient gradient domain solvers, illumination fusion and HDRI techniques. My most important results have been achieved here in the field of high quality large-area undersea image mosaicing. In this challenging field we computed the largest ever seamless deep-water gigamosaic images. In color research I am currently focusing on high-precision calibration of digital image capturing with noise analysis. On the other hand, after ten years of thorough research, I am going to accomplish development of the Coloroid Renotation system, which is based on a huge amount of observations led by the inventor of the Coloroid system in the last 50+ years.

Selected publications

Neumann L, Magdics M, Hegedüs R 2016, ‘Parallelization of a Multi-scale Gradient Solver’, Proceedings of Eighth Hungarian Conference on Computer Graphics and Geometry, Ed.: Szirmay-Kalos László, Renner Gábor, ISBN 9786155036118, pp. 200-212.

– Gracias N, Garcia R, Campos R, Prados R, Bosch J, Elibol A, Nicosevici T, Neumann L & Quintana J 2016, ‘Omnidirectional Underwater Surveying and Telepresence’, Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Marine Technology (MARTECH), Barcelona, Spain.