Jordi Sort

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Engineering Sciences

Jordi Sort leads the ‘Group of Smart Nanoengineered Materials, Nanomechanics and Nanomagnetism’ as an ICREA Research Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. After finishing his PhD in 2002 in the field of “magnetic interfacial effects” (Extraordinary Award), Prof. Sort performed two postdoctoral stays at SPINTEC (Grenoble) and at Argonne National Laboratory. His research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of a wide variety of materials (electrodeposited films, lithographed structures, porous materials, metallic glasses, composites) with emphasis on their magnetic and mechanical performance. His work has been awarded by the Catalan and Spanish Physical Societies (Young Researcher Award). At present, Prof. Sort has supervised 7 PhD Theses, has published 220 articles (5100 citations, h = 35), has issued 4 patents and has managed 22 national/international research projects, including an ITN and a Consolidator Grant-2014 from the European Research Council.

Research interests

Jordi Sort is currently investigating the nanomechanical and nanomagnetic properties of a wide range of materials, including lithographed structures, thin films and bulky specimens. Among the most relevant recent achievements one can mention: the use of nanoindentation and selective ion irradiation to form magnetic structures embedded in non-magnetic matrices; magneto-electric effects in nanoporous alloys; the ductilization of metallic glasses by development of nanostructured morphologies; the growth of new types of coatings with enhanced mechanical and magnetic properties; the characterization of mesoporous materials and onion-type nanoparticles with interlayer magnetic interactions; the development of advanced biodegradable materials for orthopedic implants; the characterization of remotely-actuated magnetic nanowires for biomedical applications. Further information at:

Selected publications

– Zeeshan MA, Esqué-de los Ojos D, Castro-Hartmann P, Guerrero M, Nogués J, Suriñach S, Baró MD, Nelson BJ, Pané S, Pellicer E & Sort J 2016, “Electrochemically Synthesized Amorphous and Crystalline Nanowires: Dissimilar Nano-mechanical Behavior in Comparison to Homologous Flat Films”, Nanoscale, 8, 1344-1351.

– Parmar J, Vilela D, Pellicer E, Esqué-de los Ojos D, Sort J & Sánchez S 2016, ‘Reusable and long-lasting active micro-cleaners for heterogeneous water remediation’, Adv. Func. Mater., 26,  4152–4161.

– Tsyntsaru N, Silkin S, Cesiulis H, Guerrero M, Pellicer E & Sort J 2016, ‘Toward uniform electrodeposition of magnetic Co-W mesowires arrays: direct versus pulse current deposition’, Electrochim Acta, 188, 589–601.

– Golvano-Escobal I, Gonzalez-Rosillo JC, Domingo N, Illa X, López-Barbera JF, Fornell J, Solsona P, Aballe L, Foerster M, Suriñach S, Baró MD, Puig T, Pané S, Nogués J, Pellicer E & Sort J 2016, ‘Spontaneous formation of spiral-like patterns with distinct periodic physical properties by confined electrodeposition of Co-In disks’, Sci. Rep., 6, 30398.

– Zhang J, Coll M, Puig T, Pellicer E & Sort J 2016, ‘Conformal oxide nanocoatings on electrodeposited 3D porous Ni films by atomic layer deposition’, J. Mater. Chem. C, 4, 8655-8662.

– Shamsudhin N, Tao Y, Sort J, Jang B, Degen CL, Nelson BJ & Pané S 2016, “Magnetometry of Individual Polycrystalline Ferromagnetic Nanowires”, Small, 12, 6363-6369.

– Zhang J, Agramunt-Puig S, Del-Valle N, Navau C, Baró MD, Estradé S, Peiró F, Pané S, Nelson BJ, Sanchez A, Nogués J, Pellicer E & Sort J 2016, ‘​Tailoring Staircase-like Hysteresis Loops in Electrodeposited Tri-segmented Magnetic Nanowires: a Strategy towards Minimization of Interwire Interactions’, ACS Appl. Mater. Interf., 8, 4109–4117.

Selected research activities

30 publications in ISI journals.

Editorial Board of 4 ISI journals.

11 invited talks at International Conferences.

Organizer of 3 conferences.

Coordinator: H2020-ITN (SELECTA) and ERC-CoG (SPIN-PORICS).

Interviews: ABC and RTVE.

4 Covers.