Hans Supèr

Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Life & Medical Sciences

2013-present: CTO Braingaze SL

2009-2014: Director of the VISCA lab, www.visca.cat

2005-present: Research Professor, ICREA

2005-present: Assistant professor University of Barcelona

2002-2005: Head of the Vision and Cognition-II group, NIN, KNAW, The Netherlands

1999-2001: Senior postdoc, NIN, NWO, The Netherlands

1997-1999: Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Dr. V. Lamme, NORI, The Netherlands

1992-1996: PhD student in the lab of Prof. Dr. E. Soriano, University of Barcelona

Research interests

The understanding of the functional organization of the cerebral cortex that underlies cognitive behavior, and to implement the underlying principles in artificial systems drives my passion for research. I started my scientific journey by studying the ontogenetic and evolutionary development of the cerebral cortex to get a grasp of the immense complexity of the cortex. To learn about the functional organization of the neocortex, I continued my research studying system neurophysiology of the visual cortex in awake, behaving monkeys. Currently my group at teh UB investigates the neural mechanism of recurrent neural interactions and the role of eye movements in visual cognitive processes, and we build bio-inspired computer models for simulating cognitive operations.

Selected publications

– Romeo A & Super H 2016, ‘Feature-Based Attention by Lateral Spike Synchronization’, Neural Computation, 28, 4, 629 – 651.

– Romeo A & Supèr H 2016, ‘Global oscillation regime change by gated inhibition’, Neural Netw., 82:76-83.

– Solé Puig M, Pallarés JM, Perez Zapata L, Puigcerver L, Cañete Crespillo J & Supèr H 2016, ‘Attentional selection accompanied by eye vergence as revealed by event-related brain potentials’, PLoS One, 11(12): e0167646.