Isabelle Vernos

Centre de Regulació Genòmica (CRG)

Life & Medical Sciences

1989-1992 PhD UAM, Madrid, Spain

1989-1992 Postdoc, Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge, UK

1992-1996 Postdoc, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

1996-2001 Staff Scientist, EMBL, Germany

2001-2005 Team Leader, EMBL, Germany Since

2005 ICREA Research Professor, CRG, Barcelona, Spain

Since 2005, EMBO member

Since 2011, member of the ERC Scientific Council

2015 Narcis Monturiol medal

Research interests

Life depends on the ability of cells to divide while maintaining their genomic integrity. Cell division is therefore a critical process and yet involves the full reversible reorganization of the intra-cellular components. We are currently trying to understand the mechanism and regulatory signalling pathways involved in the transient formation of the mitotic spindle, the microtubule based molecular machine that segregates the chromosomes during cell division.

Selected publications

– Cavazza T, Malgaretti P & Vernos I 2016,  ‘The sequential activation of the mitotic microtubule assembly pathways favors bipolar spindle formation’, Mol Biol Cell., 27(19):2935-45

– Cavazza T, Peset I & Vernos I 2016 ‘From meiosis to mitosis – the sperm centrosome defines the kinetics of spindle assembly after fertilization in Xenopus’, Development, 143(14):e1.1.

– Cavazza T &, Vernos I 2016, ‘The RanGTP Pathway: From Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Transport to Spindle Assembly and Beyond’ Front Cell Dev Biol. 3:82.

– Meunier S & Vernos I 2016, ‘Acentrosomal Microtubule Assembly in Mitosis: The Where, When, and How’,  Trends Cell Biol., 26(2):80-7.

– Meunier S, Timón K & Vernos I 2016, ‘Aurora-A regulates MCRS1 function during mitosis’. Cell Cycle‘ 15(13):1779-86

– Garrido G & Vernos I 2016, ‘Non-centrosomal TPX2-Dependent Regulation of the Aurora A Kinase: Functional Implications for Healthy and Pathological Cell Division’, Frontiers In Oncology, 6, 88.

– Cavazza T, Peset I & Vernos I 2016, ‘From meiosis to mitosis – the sperm centrosome defines the kinetics of spindle assembly after fertilization in Xenopus’, J Cell Sci., 129(13):2538-47.

– Meunier S & Vernos I 2016, ‘Microtubule Organization in Mitotic Cells’. In The Microtubule Cytoskeleton: Organisation, Function and Role in Disease, Jens Lüders Editor. Springer. ISBN 978-3-7091-1901-3.

– Burgess SG, Oleksy A, Cavazza T, Richards MW, Vernos I, Matthews D & Bayliss R 2016, ‘Allosteric inhibition of Aurora-A kinase by a synthetic vNAR domain’, Open Biology, 6, 7, 160089.