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David Bartres Faz

ICREA Academia 2019

Universitat de Barcelona · Social & Behavioural Sciences

David Bartres Faz

Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Barcelona. Former recipient of a âEUR~Ramon y CajalâEURTM excellence research fellowship from the Spanish Government. He conducted a 2-year postdoctoral stage at the Institute National de la Santé et de la Récherche Médicale (INSERM), France, as well as two stages at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. He has been Principal Investigator of 7 consecutive National Competitive Research projects and PI for the Barcelona center of a FP7 and a H2020 projects. PI of the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative ( and coordinator of the Barcelona Brain Stimulation Lab ( He is also Chair of the âEUR~Reserve, Resilience & Protective FactorsâEURTM Professional International Area of the AlzheimerâEURTMs International Association (ISTAART). He has published over 160 scientific articles and supervised 10 PhD thesis. h index: Web of Science: 42

Research interests

My research interests are focused on the study of cognitive and neuroimaging changes occurring in ageing and in particular, how lifestyles and psychological factors can influence brain health during lifespan. At a more experimental level, I also investigate how non-invasive brain stimulation can modulate brain networks, reflecting mechanisms of plasticity in advancing age and potentially providing new strategies to potentiate cognitive function in this segment of people. My group has a strong focus on the use of neuroimaging  techniques, in particular  magnetic resonance imaging, combined with transcranial magnetic and/or electrical stimulation protocols. We are currently engaged in interventional studies aimed to investigate the impact of optimizing and personalizing healthy lifestiles on brain and mental health measures.


Brain health, brain resilience, aging, cognitive and brain function, non-invasive brain stimulation

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