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Carme Font Paz

ICREA Acadèmia 2021

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona · Humanities

Carme Font Paz

Carme Font-Paz is Associate Professor of English Literature at UAB, and PI of the ERC StG WINK: Women’s Invisible Ink: Trans-Genre Writing and the Gendering of Intellectual Value in Early Modernity. She is director of the GRC research group Cos i Textualitats. She has held postdoctoral and associate research positions at UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, at Harvard University as a Houghton Fellow and at Johns Hopkins as a fellow of the Stern Center for the History of the Book in the Renaissance. She has published widely on early modern women’s writing and reception. Her latest books are Women’s Prophetic Writings in Seventeenth-Century Britain (Routledge), Economic Imperatives for Women’s Writing in Early Modern Europe (Brill), and Women Writing on Social Change in Early Modern Europe (Brepols). She has edited the special issue Early Modern Textual Misogynies for the journal Women’s Writing (2023) and serves on the editorial board of Prose Studies.

Research interests

Integrating gender studies, intellectual history, value theory and social history, Dr Font’s research examines the marginalization of women’s writing in the early modern period. She studies the ingrained cultural and social dynamics of debasing women’s work that led to a non-assimilation of its value, a process she defines as “textual misogyny”. Envisaging epistemic equality in the short and long term, Font effects a transformative and synergic action across disciplines and practices of feminist criticism that is changing the way we count knowledge-ordering systems and women as equal intellectual partners. Her work provides a model for content-based intellectual recovery in extant, neglected and lost textualities through a qualitative trans-genre methodology in several linguistic contexts, modifying androcentric and binary dynamics of representing valuable thinking. This research seeks the full integration of women in the systems of knowledge production and transmission.


History of ideas, gender and genre, women's writing, early modern history, print and manuscript culture

ICREA Memoir 2023