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Diana Marre

Diana Marre

ICREA Acadèmia 2019

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona · Humanities

Diana Marre

Social Anthropology PhD, University of Barcelona. Associate Professor and Director of the AFIN Research Group and Outreach Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Ramón y Cajal researcher and visiting professor at Birkbeck College, London School of Economics, EHESS, Auckland University of Technology, University of the West of England. Her research focuses on how fertility decline and developments in reproductive medicine contribute to new domestic and global reproductive practices, mobilities and subjectivities, not only for people seeking to have a child but also for the child. Recent contributions: Adoption and Fostering. In Han S & Tomori C eds The Routledge Handbook of Anthropology and Reproduction, with J Leinaweaver, Routledge 2021; Ethnography on sensitive topics: children’s sexuality education in Spain. In Pandeli J, Gaggiotti H & Sutherland N eds Organizational Ethnography: An Experiential and Practical Guide, with B Alvarez & E Malgosa, Routledge 2021.

Research interests

Over the last 25 years, Europe has experienced dramatic demographic changes, involving decreasing fertility rates and increasing use of assisted reproductive technologies (adoption, in vitro fertilization, gamete & embryo donation & surrogacy) to have children later in life.  Barcelona, one of the world’s ART hubs, offers a dramatic case study with implications for how we understand reproductive practices and governance, the self and the family. Who has the right and the proper support to make their own decisions about reproduction, including whether to have children? Recent contributions: Rejected by reproductive governance: French women’ cross-border reproductive journeys in Barcelona, with A Desy. In Guerzoni S & Mattalucci C Body Politics and Reproductive Governances: “Flesh”, Technologies and Knowledge, Emerald 2021; Children Forever: The Search for Origins among Chilean Adults Who Were Adopted, with I Salvo. Child & Family Social Work 2020, 25(1):127-134.


gender, reproductive health, adoption, ARTs, motherhood, Spain, childhood, origins, reproductive governance & mobilitiess