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Diana Marre

ICREA Acadèmia 2019

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona · Humanities

Diana Marre

Social Anthropology PhD, Professor and Director of the AFIN Research Group and Outreach Centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Visiting Professor at the University of the West of England. Her research focuses on human reproduction and how reproductive medicine contribute to new domestic and global reproductive politics and governance, practices and subjectivities, for people becoming parents and for their healthcare professionals. 2022 contributions: Double Special Issue: Demographic Anxieties in the Age of ‘Fertility Decline’, Medical Anthropology 41(6-7), ed. with SDe Zordo, MSmietana; Solidarity Exclusion: The Problem of Solidaridad in Spanish Transnational Adoption. American Anthropologist, with JLeinaweaver; “I Want to Bury It, Will You Join Me?”: The Use of Ritual in Prenatal Loss among Women in Catalonia, Spain in the Early 21st Century. Religions 13: 336 with LMcIntyre, MB Alvarez

Research interests

Over the last years, many regions in the world have experienced dramatic demographic changes, involving decreasing fertility rates and increasing use of reproductive technologies. Barcelona, one of the world’s health hubs, offers a dramatic case study with implications for the public understanding of reproductive politics, governance, and practices, the self and the family. Ongoing research projects: Reproductive governance and mobilities in Europe, North Africa and Latin America, MICINN/EU PID2020112692RB-C21, 223.850€ 2021-25Austerity and Altered Life-Courses: Socio-Political Ruptures to Family, Employment and Housing Biographies Across Europe, UKRI United Kingdom MR/T043261/1, 1.500.000 pounds, 2021-25; Primary care interventions to prevent maternal and child perinatal heatlh Network's Wp12 Promoting a personalised and family-centred maternal and infant primary health care (RD21/0012/0018), MICINN/EU 124,080€, 2022-24.


reproductive health, motherhood, Spain, childhood, origins, reproductive governance & mobilities

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