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Andreas Sumper

ICREA Acadèmia 2021

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · Engineering Sciences

Andreas Sumper

Andreas Sumper is a Full Professor at the UPC, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, ETSEIB School. He is part of the research group CITCEA-UPC and has been the scientific coordinator of numerous national and international research projects, mostly European Commission funded. He participates in the Bridge working group and has numerous research and technology transfer projects as a scientific coordinator. He has published over 160 papers (Scopus), mostly in high-ranked journals, cited over 5700 times. He was Guest Editor of several journals, and recently he has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Electricity. He published several books and book chapters. He has supervised 15 PhD theses, and he currently advises 7 PhD students. He has been the director of the Endesa Chair of Energy Innovation since 2017 and leads the area of Smart Energy and Grids in the research group, and he coordinates the Master Energy for Smart Cities at the UPC.

Research interests

His research interests are smart grids, mostly intelligent distribution grids, and integrating novel loads and renewable energy generation into them. For such research, power system engineering combines novel techniques like machine learning, power electronics, optimisation, and load and generation modelling. This ICREA grant will enable the creation of a new research line devoted to novel grid architectures, planning, and operations. The overall scientific goal of the research project is to design and analyse novel electricity network architectures based on the groundbreaking concept of packetised energy flows. The targeted stakeholders are the electricity industry, off-grid applications and high-reliability stand-alone electricity systems for scientific explorations.


Renewable generation, Wind Power, Smart Grid, Microgrid, Digital Energy

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