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Isabelle Anguelovski

Isabelle Anguelovski

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Social & Behavioural Sciences

I obtained a PhD (Urban Studies & Planning, MIT) before returning to Europe in 2011 with a Marie Curie fellowship. Situated at the intersection of urban planning and policy, social inequality and development studies, my research examines the extent to which urban plans, policies, and socio-environmental interventions contribute to more just, resilient, healthy, and sustainable cities. I also study how community groups in distressed neighborhoods contest environmental inequities as a result of urban (re)development processes. Based at UAB-ICTA where I lead the research line on Cities & Environmental Justice and direct the Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice & Sustainability (BCNUEJ), I am also an affiliated researcher at IMIM.  Much of my work takes place in marginalized urban neighborhoods resisting displacement from unequal development in Europe, the Americas, S Africa & SE Asia.

Research interests

I am a critical social scientist trained in urban studies & planning (PhD, MIT, 2011), nonprofit management (Harvard University, 2004), international development (University de Paris-1 Sorbonne, 2001), and political studies (Science Po, 2000).

As part of collaborative and individual international research projects, I study how environmental injustices materialize and get contested. Currently, I focus on four main research areas: 1) The politics of the green city as a growing global planning orthodoxy; 2) The social and racial manifestations and impacts of green gentrification for historically marginalized residents 3) Urban planning for health and wellbeing, with a focus on health equity and justice 4) Justice and inclusivity in climate adaptation planning, including distributional and procedural insecurities produced by adaptation plans, interventions, and land use configurations and regulations.

Selected publications

– Triguero-Mas, M.; Anguelovski, I.; Garcia-Lamarca, M.; Arguelles, L; Perez-del-Pulgar, C; Shokry, G; Connolly, J J. T.; Cole, H. 2021, ‘Natural outdoor environments’ health effects in gentrifying neighborhoods: Disruptive green landscapes for underprivileged neighborhood residents’, Social Science & Medicine, 279, 113964.

Anguelovski, I. and Connolly, J. JT. 2021. The Green City and Social Injustice: 21 Tales from North America and Europe. London, New York: Routledge

Anguelovski, I., Cole, H. VS, O’Neill, E., Baró, F. . et al. 2021 “Gentrification Pathways and Their Health Impacts on Historically Marginalized Residents in Europe and North America: Global Qualitative Evidence from 14 Cities.” Health & place 72, 102698.

– Kotsila P, Anguelovski I, Sekulova F, Connolly JJT, Langemeyer J & Baró F 2021, ‘Nature-based solutions as discursive tools and contested practices in urban nature’s neoliberalisation processes‘, Environmental and Planning. E. 4, 2, 252 – 274.

– Connolly, J J. T.; Anguelovski, I 2021, ‘Three Histories of Greening and Whiteness in American Cities’, Frontiers In Ecology And Evolution, 9.

– Cole, H V. S.; Anguelovski, I; Connolly, J J. T.; Garcia-Lamarca, M; Perez-del-Pulgar, C; Shokry, G; Triguero-Mas, M 2021, ‘Adapting the environmental risk transition theory for urban health inequities: An observational study examining complex environmental riskscapes in seven neighborhoods in Global North cities’, Social Science & Medicine, 277, 113907.

Selected research activities

Main research projects:

– GreenLULUs (2016-2022), H2020 (ERC)

– Naturvation (2016-2021), H2020, UAB PI

– UrbanA (2019-2022), H2020, UAB PI

– Measuring, analyzing, and addressing urban health inequalities in relation to changes in urban environments, MIT (2021-2022), UAB PI

– Maria de Maetzu, Spanish Ministry of Science and Universities, Co-Resp. PI (2020-2023)


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