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Joaquín Arribas

Joaquín Arribas

Parc de Salut Mar & Vall d'Hebron Institut d'Oncologia

Life & Medical Sciences

Dr. Arribas completed his studies in biochemistry at Univ. Autónoma de Madrid (1987). At the same university, he worked on the regulation of the proteasome and received his PhD in Biology (1991). Sponsored by a fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, he joined Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York (USA) (1992-96) working on the proteolytic processing of transmembrane growth factors. In 1997 he joined the oncology department at Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona as a Staff Scientist, since then he has lead the Growth Factors research group, which is focused on novel therapies against breast cancer. In 2010 he was appointed Director of VHIO´s Preclinical Research Program. In 2017, he was appointed Scientific Director of CIBERONC (2017). He resigned to join the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Investigation (IMIM) as Director (2020).

Research interests

Evaluation of the activity of anti-cancer therapies, including immune therapies, in cancer patient-derivedcancer xenografts. Development of novel therapeutic strategies to treat breast and pancreatic tumors and identify mechanisms of resistance to current therapies. Development and preclinical characterization of T cell-based therapies -bispecific antibodies and chimeric antigen receports- against tumor-specific antigens. Characterization of the role of cellular senescence in breast cancer progression and treatment.

Selected publications

– Bilal, F., Arenas, E. J., Pedersen, K., Martínez-Sabadell, A., Nabet, B., Guruceaga, E., Vicent, S., Tabernero, J., Macarulla, T. and Arribas, J. ‘The transcription factor Slug uncouples pancreatic cancer progression from the Raf-Mek1/2-Erk1/2 pathway‘ 2021, Cancer Research, 81(14):3849-3861

– Loo Yau, H., Bell, E., Ettayebi, I., Campos de Almeida, F., Boukhaled, G. M., Shen, S. Y., Allard, D., Morancho, B., Marhon, S. A., Ishak, C. A., Gonzaga, I., Medina, T., Singhania, R., Chakravarthy, A, Chen, R., Mehdipour, P., Pommey, S., Klein, C., Amarante‐Mendes, G., Roulois, D., Arribas, J., Stagg, J. & D. De Carvalho, D 2021, ‘DNA hypomethylating agents increase activation and cytolytic activity of CD8+ T-cells‘,  Molecular Cell, 8,1469-1483.

– Arenas, Enrique J.; Martinez-Sabadell, Alex; Rius Ruiz, Irene; Roman Alonso, Macarena; Escorihuela, Marta; Luque, Antonio; Fajardo, Carlos Alberto; Gros, Alena; Klein, Christian; Arribas, Joaquin 2021, ‘Acquired cancer cell resistance to T cell bispecific antibodies and CAR T targeting HER2 through JAK2 down-modulation’, Nature Communications, 12, 1, 1237.

– Garcia-Valverde, Alfonso; Rosell, Jordi; Sayols, Sergi; Gomez-Peregrina, David; Pilco-Janeta, Daniel F.; Olivares-Rivas, Ivan; de Alava, Enrique; Maurel, Joan; Rubio-Casadevall, Jordi; Esteve, Anna; Gut, Marta; Valverde, Claudia; Barretina, Jordi; Carles, Joan; Demetri, George D.; Fletcher, Jonathan A.; Arribas, Joaquin; Serrano, Cesar 2021, ‘E3 ubiquitin ligase Atrogin-1 mediates adaptive resistance to KIT-targeted inhibition in gastrointestinal stromal tumor’, Oncogene, 0(48):6614-6626.

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