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Alejandro Coroleu

Alejandro Coroleu

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


After studying Classics and Renaissance Studies at the Universitat de Barcelona, I undertook postdoctoral research at The Warburg Institute (University of London). I taught and researched at the University of Nottingham between 1995 and 2008. I have also been Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Salzburg. In 2009 I accepted a Research Professorship at ICREA in the Department of Catalan at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where I am conducting research on early-modern literary culture in Latin and in the Vernacular.

Research interests

Classical and Comparative Literature: Latin literary culture in Europe (ca. 1500 – ca. 1700) Intellectual History and Renaissance Studies: Hispanic, Italian and European Humanism The reception of Greek and Roman literatures in early-modern Iberia (1450-1600)

Selected publications

– “Notes sobre la presència del Virgili llatí al segle XVI a la Corona d’Aragó”, in «Qui fruit ne sap collir»: homenatge a la prof. Lola Badia en el seu 70è aniversari, edited by Anna Alberni, Lluís Cifuentes, Joan Santanach and Albert Soler, 2 vols., Barcelona: Publicacions de la Universitat de Barcelona – Editorial Barcino, 2021, pp. 165-71

– “A chronological list of editions of classical texts and of Italian Latin humanist works printed in the Crown of Aragon between 1473 and 1535” (May 2021), pp. 1-8, Website entry.

– “Telesio, Antonio”, a biographical sketch published on the website of Research Project Pronapoli (Universitat de Girona), April 2021. Website entry.

– Review of Floris Verhaart, Classical Learning in Britain, France, and the Dutch Republic, 1690–1750: Beyond the Ancients and the Moderns, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020, in Exemplaria Classica, 25 (2021), pp. 515-17

Selected research activities

Universität Innsbruck, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien Fellowship, 7 June – 3 July 2021

Principal Investigator of the Research project Traducción y público lector en la Corona de Aragón (1380-1530): obras de inspiración clásica (Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain, 2020-24)

General editor of the online journal Translat Library (University of Massachusetts AmherstUAB)

Member of the SGR research group “Cultura i Literatura a la Baixa Edat Mitjana” (2017-142)

Member of the editorial board of ITACA: Quaderns de Cultura Clàssica (Barcelona) and of the advisory board of FuturoClassico (Bari), Studia Aurea (Girona), Humanistica Lovaniensia (Leuven), CESURA-Rivista (Naples) and TranScript. Traduzione e Scrittura nel Medioevo Europeo (Venice)

Secretary of the Societat Catalana d’Estudis Clàssics

I gave a paper at the University of Innsbruck

Peer reviewer for 4 international journals and for two book proposals

Universitat de Girona, Màster en Recerca en Humanitats: Guest lecturer

ICREA Memoir 2021