Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Universitat de Barcelona


ICREA Research Professor, Margarita Díaz-Andreu’s career has mainly been developed in the UK (Durham 1996-2011) and Spain (UCM 1986-2004, ICREA-UB January 2012). Since 2012 all her efforts have been directed at promoting the internationalisation of Catalan and Spanish research. Since her arrival in Barcelona she has published more than ten books/dossiers and many peer-reviewed articles. She is leading four projects: the ERC Artsoundscapes; the JPI-JHEP Deep Cities, the R+D+i ArqueólogAs and the Palarq Baja California project. In 2020 they sustained a total of twelve positions, most of them for PhD and post-doctoral researchers. Since 2012, five students have completed their PhDs, four now in research careers. As a researcher Margarita Díaz-Andreu has contributed to fostering knowledge by organising and participating in conferences and engaging in outreach. She has earned several Honorary positions, the last one at Huddersfield University.

Research interests

The three main research areas in which Díaz-Andreu has been active and has led research groups in the last few years are still in place: prehistoric art –with an emphasis on archaeoacoustics–, the history of archaeology –currently with a focus on history of women in the discipline– and heritage. Her work in archaeoacoustics is highly innovative and she leads an ERC interdisciplinary group of archaeologists, acoustic engineers, ethnomusicologists and psychologists. For this project, although fieldwork elsewhere in the world had to be cancelled, she managed to undertake further tests in the Western Mediterranean area in July 2020. In the history of archaeology the high point has been the publication of a history of archaeological tourism (Springer). She has also published a dossier out of the InterArq project on the history of Interdisciplinarity (Veleia). She is leading research groups in all her three research areas (ArqueólogAs, Artsoundscapes and GAPP)

Selected publications

Díaz-Andreu, M. 2020. A History of Archaeological Tourism. Pursuing leisure and knowledge from the eighteenth century to World War II.  New York, Springer.

Díaz-Andreu, M. and Coltofean, L. (eds.) 2020. Dossier: historia de la interdisciplinaridad en Arqueología, Veleia 37: 13-175.

– Valenzuela J, Díaz-Andreu M & Escera C 2020, ‘Psychology Meets Archaeology: Psychoarchaeoacoustics for Understanding Ancient Minds and Their Relationship to the Sacred.’ Frontiers in Psychology 11:Article 550794.

– Fouseki, K., Taylor, J., Díaz-Andreu, M., van der Linde, S. and Roders, A.P. 2020. ‘Locating heritage value’. In Hoskins, G. and Saville, S. (eds.), Locating Value: Theory, Application and Critique.   London, Routledge: 37-50.

Díaz-Andreu, M., Coltofean, L., Viñas, R. and Mattioli, T. 2020. ‘Sonidos del pasado: arte rupestre y acústica en las Muntanyes de Prades’. In Viñas i Vallverdú, R. (ed.) I Jornades Internacionals d’Art Rupestre de l’Arc Mediterrani de la Península Ibèrica. XXè Aniversari de la Declaració de Patrimoni Mundial, Montblanc, 25-27 d’octubre, 2019.   Montblanc, Centre d’Interpretació de l’Art Rupestre de les Muntanyes de Prades (CIAR): 321-339

Selected research activities

In 2020 Margarita Díaz-Andreu was honoured with a Visiting Professorship at the Sound Archaeology Research Group (Centre for Music, Culture and Identity, University of Huddersfield (UK). Her standing in the field of archaeology has resulted in several invitations from funding institutions to sit on evaluation panels at a national and international level. Díaz-Andreu is firmly committed to the public dissemination of knowledge. Her research is regularly reported in local, national and international newspapers (in 2020 ABC, Diari Ara, Diari16, The Economist and The Art Newspaper among many others), and she has been interviewed by Radio Nacional de España and Radio Clásica.