Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Margarita Díaz-Andreu

Universitat de Barcelona


In 2021 ICREA Research Professor, Margarita Díaz-Andreu received the prestigious Menéndez Pidal National Award for the humanities (official ceremony in May 2022), and in 2022 she received the Neubergh award (U. Gothenburg, Sweden). Since her arrival in Barcelona in 2012 she has published more than 15 books/dossiers and many peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals. She is currently leading four projects: the ERC Artsoundscapes; the JPI-JHEP Deep Cities, the R+D+i ArqueólogAs and the Palarq Baja California projects. In 2022 they sustained a total of twelve positions, most of them for PhD and post-doctoral researchers. Seven students have completed their PhDs in Barcelona (one of them in 2022), most of them now in research or professional careers. As a researcher Margarita Díaz-Andreu has contributed to fostering knowledge by organising and participating in conferences and engaging in outreach (blogs, podcasts, radio and newspapers).

Research interests

The three main research areas in which Díaz-Andreu has been active and has led research groups in the last few years are still in place. Her work in rock art and archaeoacoustics is highly innovative and she leads an ERC interdisciplinary group of archaeologists, acoustic engineers, ethnomusicologists and psychologists. For this project, in 2022 fieldwork was undertaken in South Africa. She also published on the archaeoacoustics of Russian Altai. In the history of archaeology the highlight has been the publication of a book about the history of women in archaeology (518pp) and the running of the ArqueólogAs project, with the publication of 150+ biographies of women pioneers on the project’s webpage. Her work in the international DeepCities project has resulted in a publication about heritage values in urban transformation. She is leading investigator in all her three research groups of academics and students (ArqueólogAs, Artsoundscapes and GAPP/Deep Cities).

Selected publications

- García Atiénzar G, Barciela González V, Santos da Rosa N, Díaz-Andreu M 2022, 'La modelización del paisaje: iconografía y percepciones visual y sonora en el arte rupestre macroesquemático', Virtual Archaeology Review 13(27), 81-99.

- Díaz-Andreu M, et al. 2022. 'Paisajes vivos y ontologías sonoras en Altai (Siberia, Rusia): el proyecto europeo Artsoundscapes (ERC ref. 787842) ante el reto del contexto intangible del arte rupestre'. In Actualidad de la investigación arqueológica en España IV, 165-181. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Madrid.

- López-Mochales S, Jiménez-Pasalodos R, Valenzuela J, Gutiérrez-Cajaraville C, Díaz-Andreu M, Escera C 2022.'Experimental enhancement of feelings of transcendence, tenderness and expressiveness by music in liturgical spaces'. Frontiers in Psychology 13, art. 844029.

- Díaz-Andreu M. 2022. 'Recuperando las voces silenciadas: ArqueólogAs en la historia de la Arqueología española (siglos XIX y XX)'. In Díaz-Andreu M, Torres, O & Zarzuela P. (eds.) Voces in crescendo. Del mutismo a la afonía en la historia de las mujeres en la arqueología española, 475-518. INAPH, Alicante.

- Díaz-Andreu M. 2022. 'History of the study of schematic rock art in Spain'. In Hampson J, Challis S & Goldhahn J (eds.) Powerful Pictures. Rock Art Research Histories Around The World: 61-75. Archaeopress, Oxford.

- Pastor A & Díaz-Andreu M 2022, 'Evolución de los valores del patrimonio cultural'. Revista Ciencias Sociales, 80, 2-20.

- Díaz-Andreu M 2022. 'Clottes, Jean'. In Smith C (ed.) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, Springer, Cham.

Selected research activities

Diaz-Andreu has actively participated in knowledge transmission organising sessions in international conferences (WAC, Prague), two conferences (UB, Sept & Oct. 2022), a course at the UIMP at the rector's request, and has given presentations/papers/seminar talks a total of 32 papers and seminars.