Margarita  Díaz-Andreu García

Margarita Díaz-Andreu García

Universitat de Barcelona


Margarita Díaz-Andreu has worked as an ICREA Research Professor since 2012, when she left Durham University and moved to the UB. Her academic career is characterized by a high number of publications (8 books and special issues in the last 5 years, and many articles), the organization of many conferences or sessions in connection to the projects she has led. In 2023 she has led four projects: the ERC Artsoundscapes; the JPI-JHEP Deep Cities, the R+D+i ArqueólogAs and the Palarq Baja California projects. She has also tutored 4 personal grants
In 2023 all the grants sustained a total of 12 positions. Her students from Barcelona now work in prestigious heritage places (Casa Batlló), have permanent jobs in universities (Durham) or have continued their academic careers (Bordeaux, Verona, PUC Chile). As a researcher Margarita Díaz-Andreu has contributed to fostering knowledge by organising and participating in conferences and engaging in outreach (blogs, podcasts, radio and newspapers).

Research interests

The three main research areas in which Díaz-Andreu has been active and has led research groups in the last few years are still in place. Her work in rock art and archaeoacoustics is highly innovative and she leads an ERC interdisciplinary group of archaeologists, acoustic engineers, ethnomusicologists and psychologists. For this project, in 2023 fieldwork was undertaken in Baja California and Ibiza. Publications for the ERC project (11 and 1 special issue) have dealt with fieldwork in Russia and Spain. Much effort has also gone into including raw data into the CORA Repositori (9). She has also published on the history of archaeology (4). The running of the ArqueólogAs project has continued with now about 193 biographies of women pioneers on the project’s webpage. She is leading investigator in all her three research groups of academics and students (ArqueólogAs, Artsoundscapes and GAPP/Deep Cities).

Selected publications

- Díaz-Andreu M & Santos da Rosa N 2023, '[Special Issue] Past Sounds: New Perspectives in the Field of Archaeoacoustics'. Open Archaeology, 9, 1.
- Santos da Rosa N, Alvarez L, Martorell X, Fernández L & Díaz-Andreu M 2023, 'The Acoustics of Aggregation Sites: Listening to the Rock Art Landscape of Cuevas de la Araña (Spain)', Journal of Field Archaeology 48(2), 130-143.

- Alvarez-Morales, L, Santos da Rosa, N, Benítez-Aragón, D, Fernández Macías, L, Lazarich, M & Díaz-Andreu, M 2023. 'The Bacinete main shelter: a prehistoric theatre?' Acoustics 5, 299-319.

- Díaz-Andreu M, Rozwadowski A, Pasalodos RJ, da Rosa NS, Benítez-Aragón D & Alvarez-Morales L 2023 'Music and Storytelling at Rock Art Sites? The Archaeoacoustics of the Urkosh Area (Russian Altai)', Open archaeology, 9 - 1.

- López-Mochales, S, Aparicio-Terrés, R, Díaz-Andreu, M & Escera, C 2023. 'Acoustic perception and emotion evocation by rock art soundscapes of Altai (Russia)'. Frontiers in Psychology, 14, 1188567.

- Díaz-Andreu, M 2023. 'Visigothic Archaeology. An example the influence of National Socialism in Spain?'. In Eickhoff, M, Modl, D, Meheux, K & Nuijten, E (eds.) National Socialist Archaeology in Europe and its Legacies, 463-484. Springer, Cham.

- Alarcón-Jiménez, AM, Jiménez Pasalodos, R & Díaz-Andreu, M 2023. 'A Glimpse Behind Closed Doors. Alfred L. Kroeber and the Representation of Native Californian Music'. History and Anthropology, 34(3), 521-539.

- Díaz-Andreu M 2023, 'Women’s Pathways in the History of Spanish Archaeology (19th and 20th Centuries)'. In López, SL (ed.) Women in Archaeology: Intersectionalities in Practice Worldwide Women in Engineering and Science, 221-242. Springer, Cham.

Selected research activities

• Organizer of the conference: “ArqueólogAs de Sudamérica. Historias de Resiliencia”. (with Carito Tavera). 28 October 2023.
• 23 papers at national and international meetings in Czeck Rep., France, Ghana, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and UK.
• Leadership and Management Skills Course 17-19/10/2023.
• Leading the ICREA Leadership Discussion group. From 10/2023. Bi-monthly.
• Outreach: 17/3/2023. ETV. “Conversa Arqueologia Feminista”. Fet a Mida programme by La Xarxa de Comunicació Local; 12/4/2023 talk on women in archaeology, Internat. Women’s Club. Centre Cívic Casa Orlandai, BCN