Alexander Fidora

Alexander Fidora

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Alexander Fidora, born 1975 in Offenbach (Germany), studied philosophy at the University of Frankfurt and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He obtained his PhD in 2003 at Frankfurt University, where he has been co-director of a DFG-research project. In 2006 he accepted a position at ICREA in the Department of Ancient and Medieval Studies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he has been Executive Director of the Institute of Medieval Studies (until fall 2018). He has been a Visiting Professor at Saint Louis University, Universidad Panamericana in Mexico, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and University of Pennsylvania. His work has been distinguished with the "Premi Internacional Catalònia" (2011) and the "Samuel Toledano Prize" (2012). Co-editor of the "Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval"; Secretary of "Arxiu de Textos Catalans Antics". Vice-president of SIEPM and of SOFIME. Member of the Academia Europaea (AE).

Research interests

Alexander Fidora is working on the interreligious dimensions of medieval Hispanic philosophy. In particular, he studies cultural contacts between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, such as: reception, interpretation and transformation of philosophical and theological translations from Arabic by Jewish and Christian authors; Latin philosophy into Hebrew; Polemics, controversial theology and interreligious dialogue in the Middle Ages; and Consequences of the confrontation between the three religions of the Book for the formation of European culture (ERC-Research Projects “Latin Philosophy into Hebrew” (2008-2012) and “The Latin Talmud” (2014-2019)).

Selected publications

Fidora A & Hasselhoff G K 2019 (eds.), The Talmud in Dispute during the High Middle Ages, Bellaterra.

Fidora A 2018 (2019) (ed.), Polemic Translations of Jewish Texts During the Middle Ages (= Theme Section of the journal Henoch 40/2).

Fidora A 2019, ‘The Influence of the Extractiones de Talmud on Anti-Jewish Sermons’, in Fidora & Hasselhoff (eds.), The Talmud in Dispute during the High Middle Ages, Bellaterra, 235-47.

– Dal Bo F & Fidora A 2018 (2019), ‘Inicium Creationis Iesu Nazareni’, Toledot Yeshu in the Thematic Version of the Extractiones de Talmud‘, Henoch 40/2, pp. 206-22.

– Carpentieri N, Fidora A & Lampurlanés I 2018 (2019), ‘Avicena y Gerardo de Cremona sobre la frenitis: Una comparación entre al-Qānūn fī aṭ-Ṭibb y su traducción latina’, Al-Qantara 39/2, 292-320.

– Ed. de la Cruz Ó with Fidora A, Mora G and Soler A 2019, Raimundo Lullo e il nuovo dialogo tra Cristianesimo, Ebraismo e Islam, Barcelona.

– de la Cruz Ó, Fidora A, Mora G & Soler A 2019, ‘Raimondo Lullo, un nuovo modo di dialogare”, in de la Cruz (ed.), Raimundo Lullo e il nuovo dialogo, Barcelona, pp. 32-40.

Fidora A 2019, ‘Raimondo Lullo rispetto alla critica attuale al dialogo interreligioso’, in de la Cruz (ed.), Raimundo Lullo e il nuovo dialogo, Barcelona, 229-55.

Fidora A 2005 (2019), ‘Ética y Política en el De divisione philosophiae de Domingo Gundisalvo’, Mediaevalia. Textos e Estudos, 24, 37-54.

Fidora A 2018 (2019), ‘Foreword’, in: U. Cecini and Ó. de la Cruz (eds.), Extractiones de Talmud (CCCM 291), Turnhout, pp. v-vi.

Selected research activities

Invited lectures in Fribourg, Dortmund, Hamburg and Oxford; co-organizer with M. Tischler of a panel at the SMM-conference in Barcelona (Jul 8-11).

As a member of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub (BKH), he coordinated the Annual Meeting of the AE (Oct 23-5) and convened the Disputatio of Barcelona (Nov 14), organised by the BKH and the AE.

He was the 2019 lecturer of the honorary lecture series of the Albertus-Magnus-Institute in Bonn, founded in 1931.