José Ramón Galán-Mascarós

José Ramón Galán-Mascarós

Institut Català d'Investigació Química

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

J.R. Galán-Mascarós received his PhD from University of Valencia under the supervision of Prof. E. Coronado (1999). Between 1999 and 2002 he was post-doctoral researcher at Texas A&M University working with Prof. Kim R. Dunbar. In 2002 he joined ICMOL (U. de Valencia) as Ramón y Cajal Fellow. In 2009 he took a position at ICIQ, where he currently leads a research group focused on future applications of coordination chemistry for Renewable Energies and Materials Sciences. In september 2010 he became ICREA Research Professor. Galán-Mascarós has received several awards, including the Excellence in Research Award by the RSEQ (2019), the Olivier Kahn International Award (2008) and an ERC Starting Grant (2012-2016). He is the coordinator of the collaborative project H2020-FETPROACT A-LEAF (2017-2021): a major European public investment for the realization of a viable artificial photosynthesis platform.

Research interests

Our research team is devoted to the development of novel materials with the desired chemical and physical properties for applications in the fields of Materials Sciences and Renewable energies. In Renewable Energies, we are working in the development of stable, efficient and low-cost new catalysts and platforms for the production of solar fuels. In Materials Sciences, we are designing multifunctional smart materials able to exhibit novel phenomena from unusual combination of physical properties (redox, magnetic, electrical and/or optical, etc...).

Selected publications

- Pires B M, Hegner F S, Bonacin JA & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "Ligand Effects of Penta- and Hexacyanidoferrate-Derived Water Oxidation Catalysts on BiVO4 Photoanodes" ACS Appl. Energy Mater., vol. 3, 8448–8456.

- Han L, Gonzalez-Cobos J, Sanchez-Molina I, Giancola S, Folkman S J, Gimenez S, Vidal-Ferran A & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "A low temperature aqueous formate fuel cell using cobalt hexacyanoferrate as a non-noble metal oxidation catalyst" Sustainable Energy Fuels, vol. 4, pp 6227–6233.

- Nguyen H C, Garcés-Pineda F A, De Fez-Febre M, Galan-Mascaros JR & López N 2020, “Non-redox doping boosts oxygen evolution electrocatalysis on hematiteChem. Sci., vol. 11, 2464–2471.

- Han L, González-Cobos J, Sánchez-Molina I, Giancola S, Folkman S J, Tang P, Heggen M, Dunin-Borkowski R E, Arbiol J, Giménez S & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, “Cobalt Hexacyanoferrate as a Selective and High Current Density Formate Oxidation ElectrocatalystACS Appl. Energy Matter., vol 3, 9198–9207.

- Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "Photoelectrochemical solar fuels from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight" Catal. Sci.Technol., vol. 10, 1967–1974.

- Nieto-Castro D, Garces-Pineda F A, Moneo-Corcuera A, Pato-Doldan B, Gispert-Guirado F, Benet-Buchholz J & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "Effect of Mechanochemical Recrystallization on the Thermal Hysteresis of 1D FeII-triazole Spin Crossover Polymers" Inorg. Chem., vol. 59, 7953–7959.

- Rodríguez-Garcia B & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "Spontaneous Magnetization and Optical Activity in the Chiral Series {(L-proline)nV[Cr(CN)6]x} (0 < n < 3)" Magnetochemistry, vol. 6, pp 12.

- Arens JT, Blasco-Ahicart M, Azmani K, Soriano-Lopez J, Garcia-Eguizabal A, Poblet JM & Galan-Mascaros JR 2020, "Water oxidation electrocatalysis in acidic media with Co-containing polyoxometalates" J. Catal., vol. 389, pp 345–351.