Roger Gomis

Roger Gomis

Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona

Life & Medical Sciences

Dr. Roger Gomis is an ICREA Research Professor and a member of the Oncology Program at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona. He received his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2002, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Prof. Joan Massagué's laboratory. In 2007, he assumed his current position. Since 2018 he is an associate professor at the University of Barcelona. Dr. Roger Gomis is interested in how growth factors, signaling pathways, and gene expression programs control normal cell behavior and cancer cell metastasis. Driven by the problem of metastasis, which is the cause of 90% of cancer deaths, his laboratory is pursuing the molecular and genetic mechanisms of metastasis. In particular, identifying  genes that enable cancer to metastasize clinically relevant sites. In 2012 Roger founded Inbiomotion as an ICREA and IRB Barcelona spin-off company from his research.

Research interests

Intricate signalling networks control cell division, differentiation, movement, organization and death. Cancer cells disobey these signals during tumour progression and metastasis, which is the final step in 90% of all fatal solid tumours. Metastasis is therefore a grave public health problem and consequently a field of considerable pharmaceutical interest. A major research focus of our group is to identify and understand the genes and functions that allow tumor cells to achieve metastatic colonization of vital organs. As we understand more about the biology of BC cells, we can begin to address how best to treat this form of disease. Key to determining whether dormant solitary cells or micrometastases represent valid targets is knowledge of the underlying biology of dormancy and the probability of cells progressing to active metastatic growth. This progression is poorly understood in preclinical models and even less so clinically and has become of our interest.

Selected publications

– Ivanova S, Polajnar M, Hernandez-Alvarez MI, Slobodnyuk K, Plana N, Nebreda AR, Palacin M, Gomis RR, Behrends C & Zorzano A 2019, ‘Regulation of death receptor signaling by the autophagy protein TP53INP2‘, EMBO Journal38, 10, e99300.

– Salvador F, Llorente A & Gomis RR 2019 “From latency to overt bone metastasis in breast cancer: Potential for treatment and prevention”. J. Pathol. 249, 1, 6 – 18.

– Coleman R, Gregory W, Jean-Mairet J, Tercero JC, Torres-Martin J & Gomis R 2019, ‘Long term survival benefits of adjuvant zoledronic acid associated with maf status of primary tumor’, Cancer Research, 79, 4.

Gomis RR 2019, ‘Survival Skills Ensure that Cancer Spreads‘, Nature, 573, 353-354.

Selected research activities

Young Investigator Award, awarded by the Spanish Association for Research in Cancer (ASEICA), Spain.