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Maciej Lewenstein

Maciej Lewenstein

Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Maciej Lewenstein (Warsaw 1955) joined the Centre for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw in 1980, did Ph.D. in Essen in 1983 with Fritz Haake and habilitated in 1986 in Warsaw. Postdocs at Universität Essen and at Harvard University with Roy J. Glauber (Nobel 2005), a faculty member of CEA in Saclay (1995-1998), and of the Leibniz University Hannover (1998-2005). In 2005 he moved to Catalonia as ICREA Research Professor to lead the quantum optics theory at the Institut de Ciències Fotòniques in Castelldefels. His interests include quantum optics, quantum physics, quantum information, many-body theory, attosecond science, and statistical physics. His other passion is jazz and avant-garde music - he is an acclaimed jazz writer and critic. At ICFO Maciej Lewenstein leads a 25 people team working on the mentioned subjects.

Research interests

Maciej Lewenstein is a theoretical physicist per se. His research interests are extremely diverse. He works on and contributes successfully to different branches of physics and other sciences. On one side he deals with purely mathematical questions related to foundations of physics, such as the nature of correlations in quantum systems. On the other extreme, Lewenstein has worked on models of human cognition and human voting behavior. Recently his interests mainly focus on quantum many body physics, quantum information theory, quantum optics, atomic physics, atto-nanophysics, quantum simulators, quantum open systems, statistical physics, Brownian motion theory and its applications to quantum physics, nano- and bio-photonics, applications of theoretical quantum chemistry to quantum many body physics, or machine learning for theoretical physics. In his research he uses extensively methods of the contemporary theoretical physics. At ICFO Maciej Lewenstein leads a 25 people team working on the mentioned subjects.Lewenstein is also internationally acclaimed critic of avantgarde jazz.

Selected publications

– Fraxanet, Joana; Bhattacharya, Utso; Grass, Tobias; Rakshit, Debraj; Lewenstein, Maciej; Dauphin, Alexandre 2021, ‘Topological properties of the long-range Kitaev chain with Aubry-Andre-Harper modulation’, Physical Review Research, 3, 1, 013148.

Maciej Lewenstein, Aikaterini Gratsea, Andreu Riera-Campeny, Albert Aloy, Valentin Kasper & Anna Sanpera, Storage capacity and learning capability of quantum neural network, Quantum Sci. Technol. 6, 045002 (2021)

– Yamada, R., Grandi, S., Munoz-Gil, G., Barbiero, L., Aloy, A., Lewenstein, M. Applications of Quantum Randomness: From Rabi Oscillations to Fourier Axis Controlling the Musical Timbre Int. J. Mus. Sci. Tech &Art, IJIEST.3 (2),  17-25 (2021).

– Utso Bhattacharya, Tobias Graß, Adrian Bachtold, Maciej Lewenstein, & Fabio Pistolesi, ‘Phonon-induced pairing in quantum dot quantum simulator‘, ACS Nano Letters 21, 22, 9661–9667 (2021),

Lewenstein, M.; Ciappina, M. F.; Pisanty, E.; Rivera-Dean, J.; Stammer, P.; Lamprou, Th; Tzallas, P. 2021, ‘Generation of optical Schrodinger cat states in intense laser-matter interactions’, Nature Physics, .

– Muller-Rigat, Guillem; Aloy, Albert; Lewenstein, Maciej; Frerot, Irenee 2021, ‘Inferring Nonlinear Many-Body Bell Inequalities From Average Two-Body Correlations: Systematic Approach for Arbitrary Spin-j Ensembles’, PRX Quantum 2, 3, 030329.

Selected research activities

Organization of the concert “Interpretiong Quantum Randomness“, based on the concept of Reiko Yamada and Maciej Lewenstein at the Sonar Festoval 2021, Barcelona.

ICREA Memoir 2021