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Genoveva Martí

Genoveva Martí

Universitat de Barcelona


I was born in Barcelona and I obtained my BA at the University of Barcelona. In 1982 I joined the PhD program at Stanford University, where my PhD was awarded in January 1989. I have been Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside, and Reader at the London School of Economics. In 2014-15 I was Professor of Philosophy at Western University, Ontario (Canada). I have been coordinator of the research group LOGOS ( ). I was awarded the Narcís Monturiol Medal by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2012. I am an elected member of the Academia Europaea since 2009. In 2017 I was elected Chair of the Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Section of the Academia Europaea. In November 2018 I was elected Vice-President of the Academia Europaea.

Research interests

My research focuses on the exploration of reference, the relation between words and pieces of the world that makes it possible to talk about things. Traditionally, reference has been conceived as mediated by our cognitive perspective on things. On this view, which objects we talk about is determined by the concepts we associate with the expressions we use. Against this view I defend an approach to semantics according to which reference is not determined just by our mental states nor by the concepts we entertain; it rather depends on causal and social factors that are external to our mind. My research topics are connected to research areas in Linguistics and Psychology. I also have worked on the explanation of legal disputes from the point of view of different theories of reference, on the role of the theory of reference in the defense of scientific realism and on the impact of experimental data on semantics.

Selected publications

– Martínez-Fernández J & Martí G 2021, ‘The representation of gappy sentences in four-valued semantics‘, Semiotica, vol. 2021, issue 240, pp. 145-163.

Martí G 2021, ‘Gödel and Schmidt. Original thought experiment by Saul Kripke’. Helen De Cruz (ed.): Philosophy Illustrated: 42 Thought Experiments to Broaden Your Mind. Oxford University Press, pp. 113-116.

Martí G & Ramírez-Ludeña L 2021, ‘Tolerance, flexibility and the application of kind terms‘, Synthese, vol. 198, pp 2973-2986.

Selected research activities

Public presentations

‘Realism, reference and perspective’ (with Carl Hoefer). Metaphysics from a human point of view. International conference on perspectival realism. University of Edinburgh. April 26-28 2021 (online).

‘X-Phi results and (armchair) philosophical theorizing’. Phil Lang 2021. University of Lodz. May 14-16 2021 (online).

‘How flexible and tolerant is too flexible and tolerant?’ Conceptual Engineering Seminar. Based on joint work with Lorena Ramírez-Ludeña. University of St Andrews. June 1st 2021 (online).

‘Taste and Identity. Reflections on two x-phi tests’. Last Wednesdays Seminar Series. ILCLI, Donostia. June 30th 2021 (online). Presenting work co-authored with F. Contesi, E. Terrone, M. Campdelacreu, R. García-Moya and G. Pietroiusti.

‘Having in Mind and Referential Uses of Definite Descriptions’.  5th Parma Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics. Universita degli Studi di Parma. October 8th 2021.

‘Reference and Unobservable Entities’ (joint presentation with Carl Hoefer). 5th Parma Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics. Universita degli Studi di Parma. October 8th 2021.

‘Multipropositionalism, the “de se” and two-dimensional semantics’. Critical Pragmatics, 10 years on. ILCLI, Donostia. December 15th-17th 2021 (online).

ICREA Memoir 2021