Iñaki Martin-Subero

Iñaki Martin-Subero

Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer

Life & Medical Sciences

In 2001, I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Navarra on genetics of lymphoid neoplasms under the supervision of Prof. Maria J Calasanz and co-supervision of Prof. Reiner Siebert from the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel. After that, I continued my studies on lymphoma genetics as postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Siebert. In 2005, I became interested in the field of epigenomics and in 2009 I came back to Spain. After a short stay at the IDIBELL, I went to the UB/IDIBAPS to start my career as independent researcher embedded in the group of Prof. Elias Campo. In 2016, I was appointed Junior Leader of the Biomedical Epigenomics group at the IDIBAPS and from November 2018 I am ICREA Research Professor at the IDIBAPS. I also have an appointment as associate professor at the UB. Our group is interested in the role of epigenetics in the origin, evolution and clinical manifestations of lymphoid tumors.

Research interests

Understanding the molecular mechamisms underlying cancer initiation and evolution is an academically extiting question and has important translational implications for affected patients. In this global context, our group uses epigenomics to study the causes and consequences of corrupted transcriptional programs in a variety of lymphoid tumors. In the last years, we have performed detailed multi-omics characterization of normal and neoplastic B cells. In the next phase of our research program, we are mostly focusing on i) the role of enhancers and transcription factors as major modulators of the transcriptional landscape, ii) describing the cellular architecture of normal B  cell differentiation and in the evolution of B cell tumors using single cell technologies, and iii) translating epigenomic information to better diagnose B cell tumors according to their biological basis and clinical risk as well as to generate novel therapeutic targets.

Selected publications

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