Arben Merkoçi

Arben Merkoçi

Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia

Engineering Sciences

ICREA Research Professor and head of Nanobioelectronics & Biosensors Group at ICN2 (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia). He obtained his PhD at University of Tirana working on ion selective electrodes. Since 1992 he has been doing research as postdoctoral fellow and research professor at Polytechnic Univ. of Budapest, Univ. of Ioanina, Univ. degli Studi di Padua, Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya, Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona and New Mexico State Univ. His research is focused on the integration of biological molecules and other species with micro- and nanostructures with interest for the design of novel (bio)sensors. He has published more than 290 articles and supervised 38 PhD thesis. He is co-founder of two spin-off companies, PaperDrop  dedicated to nanodiagnostics and GraphenicaLab to electronic printing.

Research interests

  • Catalytic/carrier nanomaterials: nanoparticles as electrocatalysts, nanoparticles as biomolecule carriers, and nanowires/nanotubes for non-enzymatic and enzyme mimic sensors
  • Nanomicrofluidics and lab-on-a-chip technologies
  • Paper- or nanopaper-based nanobiosensors
  • Nanochannels: nanoporous membranes as electrical sensing platforms
  • Graphene: biosensors based on graphene-related materials
  • Nanomotors: self-propelled micro/nanomotors for biosensing and other Applications


Selected publications

– Morales-Narvaez E & Merkoci A 2019, ‘Graphene Oxide as an Optical Biosensing Platform: A Progress Report‘, Advanced Materials, 31, 6, 1805043.

– Khater M, de la Escosura-Muniz A, Altet L & Merkoci A 2019, ‘In Situ Plant Virus Nucleic Acid Isothermal Amplification Detection on Gold Nanoparticle-Modified Electrodes‘, Analytical Chemistry, 91, (7), 4790 – 4796.

– Dincer C, Bruch R, Costa-Rama E, Fernandez-Abedu MT, Merkoci A, Manz A, Urban GA &  Gueder F 2019, ‘Disposable Sensors in Diagnostics, Food, and Environmental Monitoring‘, Advanced Materials, 31, 30, 1806739.

– Ranjbar S, Farahmand Nejad MA, Parolo C, Shahrokhian S & Merkoci A 2019, ‘Smart Chip for Visual Detection of Bacteria Using the Electrochromic Properties of Polyaniline‘, Analytical Chemistry, 91, (23), 14960 – 14966.

– Nagar B, Balsells M, de la Escosura-Muniz A, Gomez-Romero P &  Merkoci A 2019, ‘Fully printed one-step biosensing device using graphene/AuNPs composite‘, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 129, 238 – 244.

– Quesada-Gonzalez D, Baiocco A, Martos AA, de la Escosura-Muniz A, Palleschi G & Merkoci A 2019, ‘Iridium oxide (IV) nanoparticle-based electrocatalytic detection of PBDE‘, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 127, 150 – 154.

– Quesada-Gonzalez D, Sena-Torralba A, Prio Wicaksono W, de la Escosura-Muniz A, Ivandini TA, Merkoci A 2019, ‘Iridium oxide (IV) nanoparticle-based lateral flow immunoassay‘, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 132, 132 – 135.

– Sari E, Uzek R &  Merkoci A 2019, ‘Paper Based Photoluminescent Sensing Platform with Recognition Sites for Tributyltin‘, Acs Sensors, 4, 3, 645 – 653.