Núria Montserrat Pulido

Núria Montserrat Pulido

Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya

Life & Medical Sciences

My expertise in understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to organ regeneration was recognized with the prestigious ERC-Starting grant in 2014. After receiving a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship (first ranked candidate, 100/100 points, 2015) and became Junior Group Leader (2015) at IBEC. I received 5.2 M€ in funded projects. I have published > 58 papers (mostly belonging to the first decile of their respective fields), including journals as Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Materials Today, among others, and 6 book chapters receiving about 2800 citations (Scopus). My h-index is 28.  I gave >100 invited talks and participated in more than 200 outreach activities. I am also devoted to translating my findings into the clinics relaying on collaborations with world-recognized clinicians and basic collaborators.

Research interests

Dr. Montserrat research is focused in understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to organ regeneration together with the development of basic knowledge in the field of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) for human disease modeling. Fascinated with the possibility to combine emerging technologies from the field of pluripotent stem cells (i.e., somatic reprogramming, organoids, among others) together with innovative methodologies from the bioengineering field (i.e., 3D bioprinting, organ-on-chip, among others) Montserrat team explores new scenarios of human disease modeling, with a special focus in kidney and heart related fields.

Selected publications

– Sample M, Boulicault M, Allen C, Bashir R, Hyun I, Levis MM, Lowenthal C, Mertz D, Montserrat N, Palmer MJ, Saha K & Kartman J 2019, ‘Multi-cellular engineered living systems: building a community around responsible research on emergence’, Biofabrication, 11, 4, 043001.

– Garreta E, Prado P, Tarantino C, Oria R, Fanlo L, Marti E, Zalvidea D, Trepat X, Roca-Cusachs P, Gavalda-Navarro A, Cozzuto L, Campistol JM, Izpisua Belmonte JC, Hurtado del Pozo C & Montserrat N 2019, ‘Fine tuning the extracellular environment accelerates the derivation of kidney organoids from human pluripotent stem cells’, Nature Materials, 18, 4, 397 – +.

Selected research activities

I have been always committed to science dissemination and communication and dedicate my efforts to encourage and explain science to scholars and other social groups (including elder people, and specially girls and woman). In this regard, I have performed more than 15 science communication activities to general public (including media and newspapers). I was selected as Co-Commissioner for the organization of the first City and Science Biennial that was held in Barcelona (Februrary 7th-11th, 2019) recieving more than 11.000 visitors. I have co-organized different  international meetings in the fields of bioengineering and regenerative medicine.