Toni Ñaco del Hoyo

Toni Ñaco del Hoyo

Universitat de Girona


Prof. Toni Ñaco del Hoyo (PhD 1996, UAB) is a Roman Historian. Before joining ICREA in 2009 he held Catalan and Spanish funded postdoctoral positions at Oxford University for 3 years till 2002, Fulbright Visiting Fellowship at UC Berkeley (2004), and a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship at UAB (2004-9). Research awards as PI: H.F. Guggenheim Foundation (2007), RICIP (2010; 2012-3), 4 Spanish R+D Grants, Icrea Conference Award (2012), Tytus Visiting Fellowship at U.Cincinnati (2014); 4-year grant of archaeological research (2018-21). Since 2011 he has been yearly Visiting Scholar at Classics (U. Oxford). He has sponsored 4 postdocs (2012-4; 2018-21, 2021-23). In 2015 he moved to U. Girona, where he is the PI of a funded SGR Consolidated Group (2017-21) leading 25 researchers. He has successfully supervised 4 PhD theses and he is currently supervising 4 further theses. He is also sponsoring 2 PhD Research Assistants.

Research interests

Prof. Ñaco del Hoyo’s research and interests lie predominantly with the history and archaeology of Republican Rome. Alongside J. Principal (Barcelona) and M. Dobson (Exeter) he is currently editing an international volume on ‘Rome and the north-western Mediterranean integration and connectivity c. 150-70 BCE’, for Oxbow Books.  Also, he has conducted research on Republican taxation, collateral damage, garrisoning strategies, asymmetrical warfare, military intelligence and logistics, crisis management, international relations, and peacebuilding studies in the Classical World. In 2018 he co-edited an international volume on ‘War, Warlords and Interstate relations in the Ancient Mediterranean’ (Leiden-Boston 2018). Also, he is currently co-editing a ‘Brill’s Companion to the Mercenaries of the Ancient Western Mediterranean’, alongside J. Armstrong (Auckland) and L. Rawlings (Cardiff).

Selected publications

Ñaco del Hoyo T & Principal J 2020, ‘Logística militar y espacios de integración en el NE de Hispania Citerior, de Numancia a Sertorio’, V. Revilla Calvo, A. Aguilera Martín, LL. Pons Pujol, M. Garcia Sánchez (eds.), Ex Baetica Romam. Homenaje al Prof. Dr. J. Remesal Rodríguez, Colección Instrumenta, Universitat de Barcelona, Col·lecció Homenatges, n. 58, Barcelona, 287-314.

Ñaco del Hoyo T 2020, ‘War, peace and Rome’s empire-building ideology in the making, Revue Belge de Philologie et d’Histoire, 2020, 98.1, 55-66.

Selected research activities

-Member of a 3-year research project ‘PARABAINO: Massacres, violences extrêmes et transgression en temps de guerre (Antiquité grecque et romaine)’, Agence Nationale Recherche (U. Nantes & U. Reims, France).  2020 – 2022. (Réunion de lancement, Nantes Jan 30).

-Research stay as an Academic Visitor (Classics, Oxford University), February (3 weeks).

-Responsible (PI) for a 4-year PhD Research Assistant (Contratos predoctorales, PRE2019-088288) funded by Agencia Estatal de Investigación: Mr. Gerard Cabezas-Guzmán (Oct. 2020 – Oct. 2024).

-Coordination of IV GERRM ‘Group of Studies of the Middle Roman Republic’ Seminar, co-organised by Gerard Cabezas-Guzmán and Gerard R.Ventós, UdGirona. Invited guests: Dr Jordi Pérez González and Dr. Víctor Revilla, from U. Barcelona). Online event.

-Chairing first session of the online conference ‘Annus Nefastus: misfortunes and opportunities in the Roman World‘ (16-17 Dec.).