Sergey Odintsov

Sergey Odintsov

Institut de Ciències de l'Espai

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

ICREA Research Professor at ICE (CSIC-IEEC) since 2003. Author of over 700 articles cited over 61000 times. Two ms were cited more than 3000 times, while 8 ms and two books - more than 1000 times each. Foreign Member of the Royal Norwegian Academy and of Serbian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences, member of Eur. Phys. Soc., Italian Grav. Soc. Awarded by Amaldi Gold Medal: European Prize for Grav. Physics 2014. Editorial Board Member of 9 journals, Editor-in-Chief of journal Symmetry and referee of about 20 journals (with dozen excellence certificates). Hirsh index h=119(Google S.), h=109(inspirehep), h=101(Scopus). Supervisor of 15 PhDs. Speaker/lecturer of about 125 and organizer of 45 int. workshops. Top Cited Clarivate Analytics Researcher in 2014-2018, 2023 (6 years in all). Honorary professor of several universities. 

Research interests

I develop the theory which should describe our universe evolution as a whole. My main purpose is  to resolve the fundamental puzzle of modern cosmology: why and how the universe accelerates? What is Dark Energy and Inflation? In fact, I proposed the first modified gravity which may describe the consistent universe history. In relation with modified gravity we proposed new very general and non-singular  entropy which generalises known earlier variants.  The alternative gravity which we develop should describe the whole sequence of the universe eras: inflation, radiation-matter dominance and dark energy era in a unified way. We also continue the search for exotic intermediate eras like pre-inflationary or exotic reheating era and the related gravitational waves. Our study of current universe will clarify its future: if it will expand eternally or if its evolution will be finished in the future singularity. The similarity of Big Bang and future singularity will be investigated too.

Selected publications

- Odintsov SD& Oikonomou VK 2023, 'Inflationary attractors predictions for static neutron stars in the mass-gap region', Physical Review D, 107, 104039.
- de Haro J, Nojiri S, Odintsov SD, Oikonomou VK & Pan S 2023, 'Finite-time cosmological singularities and the possible fate of the Universe', Physics Reports, 1034, 1-114.
- Nojiri S & Odintsov SD 2023, 'Micro-canonical and canonical description for generalised entropy', Physics Letters B, 845, 138130.
- Odintsov SD, Oikonomou VK & Sharov GS 2023, 'Early dark energy with power-law F(R) gravity', Physics Letters B, B843 8, 137988.
- Odintsov SD, Oikonomou VK & Fronimos FP 2023, 'Inflationary dynamics and swampland criteria for modified Gauss-Bonnet gravity compatible with GW170817', Physical Review D, 107, 8, 084007.

- Odintsov SD & Paul T 2023, A non-singular generalized entropy and its implications on bounce cosmology', Phys Dark Universe, 39, 101159.


Selected research activities

Inv. speaker and organizer of int. workshops Cosmology and Quantum Vacuum (Benasque, Sept.2023), III conference on Non-linearity (Belgrad, Sept.2023). Inv. speaker at MITP-EISA workshop, (Corfu island , May 2023). Chairman of int. conf. Symmetry 2023, June, Barcelona.